What's New @ Your LISNews?

Submitted by Blake on Tue, 11/13/2007 - 10:32

First, a BIG thank you to Leo Klein for all his help getting Drupal dialed in for LISNews.

You may have noticed LISNews underwent a complete overhaul recently. I've spent the past couple weeks working hard to make sure LISNews is as interesting and usable as possible. Here's a list of what I've been up to:

Neat things you can use to view content:
-You, yes you, should be able to Suggest A Story Here.
-Installed the Hall Of Fame. That'll show you some top 10 lists.
-You can view all recent user blog posts One One Page now.
-You can also view all recent stories and blogs together on the Tracker Page.
-You can use LISNews to view headlines from 20 Other Sites based on our yearly
"Blogs To Read" series (OPML).
-There is one page that Has An Index of most of the many feeds LISNews spits out.
-There is one page that lists all the LISNews Topics.
-There's a Weekly Archive Page and a Monthly One Too.

Other things that you'll see:
-Captchas are in place for comments. Don't like it? Tough. Blame spammers. Drupal is a spammer magnet and we have better things to do that
fight with them.
-There's some other abuse/spam things around that might get in the way.
-You can add info about your blog, like a title.
-There are printer friendly pages.
-You can subscribe to email alerts for topics or pages.
-Errors? Report Them

Stuff you probably won't notice or care about but someone might so I'm putting it here anyways:
-Mod_rewrite madness! All 404s Must Go! I put in place a bunch of mod_rewrite rules for the most popular journal feeds from the old site.
IF you'd like one for your old feed, let me know.
-article.pl works to show old stories. There's about a billion links on The Interwebs to the old article page (article.pl) so rather than
just break those links the old story will appear.
-Redirects and files are still in place for the old feeds. The new feeds and the old feeds didn't line up even a little bit, so some of
the old feeds are being mod_rewritten and others I'm just doing a "w-get" trick to keep updated.
-Installed about 8 billion other modules you'll never see but will make my life easier.
-Moved the mailing list over to Mailman and wrote my own email creator script.

Still on my to-do list:
-Highlight some of these things individually.
-Fix all the old .shtml pages.
-Bring back article.php3
-Can I import all the really REALLY old stories/comments from phpslash?
-Automate the darn email list.
-Find a way to highlight all the RSS feeds on the relevant pages.
-Add in the browse links back to the /articles/ index page.
-Is there a module to make custom feeds? Like most popular, latest comments, interesting things like that?
-Is there a feed for comments?
-We need more "browse by" pages.
-What about subdomains?
-How can I change the favicon w/o messing with the misc dir