What's Left To Do?

Submitted by Blake on Fri, 11/02/2007 - 12:39
Taxonomy upgrade extras

Quite a bit, but I think it's acceptable. Here's my unedited or spell checked list:

Mailing list!
Put something on this page /rss.shtml
Put back this image for Bloglines /images/topics/topicslash.gif
Think about bringing back /article.php3
Need one page to list all feeds
Need one page to list all topics & feed for that topic
Is there a module to make custom feeds? Like most popular, latest comments, interesting things like that?
Make an authors page
fix all the shtml old stories pages
Can I import all the really REALLY old stories/comments from phpslash?
Add/remove stuff from aggregator
what blocks am I missing?
What modules am I missing?
Enable themes so people can change what they use.
Can I build an admin page like slashcode had?
Make "browse by" pages for people.
copy over all the old stuff from the old server
watch logs for big 404 pages
what about the subdomains, can I fix that
double check old site and make sure I didn't miss anything big.
Are all the authors moved over as authors?
How can I change the favicon w/o messing with the misc dir
add in the topics images again like the old site?
Write some "how to" posts for the weeks comig up
annouce to some lists?
Feeds feeds feeds, need to list them
Make some kind of link for the feed for each journal and topic page

Give big thank you to Leo Klein

---------- Done below here

enable the awstats for LISNews
change the link for the agreator, that page is ugly
Make cron run
What the heck are these old things? /rss/descriptions.rss /rss/popular.rss
Add back these /geek.rdf /lm.rss
Can I redirect the users journals rss feeds like /~Blake/journal/rss/ ?
Make the topics page
Clean up old stories page
move over the old sections directories
did I forget any feeds?
Fix the taxonmies
Make the topic feeds work again e.g. twil