Welcome to the new LISNews

Since 2004 LISNews has been powered by Slashcode, and today I made the move to Drupal. To make a long story short, I felt Drupal is designed for users, and Slashdot is designed for crowd control. Slashcode is hard to maintain and use, Drupal should be much easier. And last, but not least,Drupal has an endless supply of themes and modules that are designed for and by users to increase participation.

I hope you'll find the new site inviting, interesting and easier to use. I know there's still a few issues floating around. You'll probably find some missing pages.


LISNews is the greatest web site!
(really just testing -Blake)

Looks nice, Blake! I hope you can get the reCAPTCHA working again...

Looks great!!! It's less cluttered and more inviting.
BTW, Drupal is also powering NaNoWrimo!

Wow, I know this was no easy feat. Transferring the data from one system to another would've frightened me away.

Thanks for all the great work!

Hello and many thanks to LISNews for helping me kipping an eye on the libraries of the other side of the Atlantic ;-)
The new version is really nice ! Congratulations !