ebook help

Here is a quote from 2000 about ebook readers in 2005.

"by 2005 the number of eBook reading devices was projected to jump from an estimated 30,000 to
28 million." Anderson Consulting Study,
eBook Market Publishers Weekly (4/3/00)

Can anybody point to how many ebook readers did end up existing is 2005? Thanks for any info you can provide.


Well I was a public librarian in 2005 and not a luddite and I personally know of no one who used an ebook reader in 2005. In fact the only person I know who uses on now is Greg and I know that from here.

Even when I fly or ride the train in NYC I don't see anyone using one. I do see mp3 players but no ebook readers, unless people are reading them on their iPods, which is not likely.

It would be interesting to see sales frigures for those devices.

Depends on how you define "ebook reading devices." The way they meant it in 2000, I'll bet the figure's still five digits, at least in the U.S., and certainly not in the millions.

On the other hand (bending over WAY backwards to be fair), if you mean "devices on which an etext could be read," then yes, there probably are 38 million of them, if you stretch that to include millions of cell phones as well as PDAs, iPods with screens, notebook computers, etc., etc.