Left Join On My Right Foot

I think I *finally* have all the sql mapping done between Slashcode and Drupal. This took such a stupid amount of time it's just embarrassing. I don't do much MySQL work these days, so joining more than 2 tables pretty much makes my head spin, add to that I had to learn Drupal at the same time, and something that someone else could've probably done in a few hours took me dozens. The entire conversion process now takes about 30 MySQL statements, and a little perl script. I can move all the data from Slashcode into Drupal (with no errors) in about 5 minutes now. It all looks so simple! The hardest part turned out to be moving over the journals and stories, which is actually something I didn't really need to do, because they're all moving over as HTML anyways. In the end it was a good learning experience, and I got to exercise my MySQL chops, something I don't get to do very often these days.

All that's left now is tweaking Drupal, stuff like themes and modules, which is also easy to those who know Drupal. Drupal has left me thoroughly impressed, while Slashcode always left me thoroughly frustrated. I think I'll have the entire process ready to be finished in time for our 8th birthday on the 2nd of November.

I think we'll all have a more useable and interesting web site.

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