Va. ACLU Dir. argued against filters. Should burn in hell.

Submitted by mdoneil on Mon, 05/14/2007 - 21:19

The Assistant Director of the Virginia ACLU argued against filters in libraries.

In the past, Rust-Tierney had argued against restricting Internet access in public libraries in Virginia, writing, "Recognizing that individuals will continue to behave responsibly and appropriately while in the library, the default should be maximum, unrestricted access to the valuable resources of the Internet."

He was recently arrested for possession of child rape and child bondage videos.
If anyone deserves to burn in hell, I am certain he is it.

Read more about this here
There are many more links that describe in more detail what he was watching but they made me ill so I will not link to them here.

When perverts are arguing against filters you know filtering must be working.