Why I never will practice law in this country.

Some Lawyer and Administrative Law Judge from DC is suing a dry cleaners for $65 Million for a lost pair of trousers.

They already tried to give him $12K to go away but he wants more.

If anyone should be impeached this idiot should (don't sue me pinhead these are my opinions). More on this absurd story here and no, its not The Onion.

Me called to the Bar here, hardly. Who would want to associate with people like that.


I wonder if you read the excellent, heart stopping article in the WSJ about 2 days ago by the journalist turned nurse turned journalist. He became a nurse after 9/11 wanting to do something that would make a bigger contribution to society than journalism. It's a beautiful story, but he did return to journalism because starting a new career at the bottom in mid-life, he could never catch up on his bills. I thought of your career change from nursing to LIS.

If he doesn't have car in DC then he must rely on public transportation or cabs. There are many busses plus the Metrorail. There is no need for him to rent a car to go a different dry cleaners. I am positive that there is a dry cleaner within a short bus or rail ride from where he lives or works.

Beyond that he has way too much time on his hands and obviously some kind of vendetta against those dry cleaners. He should've taken the check they offered and bought a brand new pair of pants, then found another dry cleaner.