VT (no the other one) House rejects Bush Impeachment bill

The Vermont House rejected a resolution that the Vermont Senate passed last week calling for the impeachment of the President.

Since Vermont can't impeach a Federal officeholder this was completely absurd to begin with. Thank goodness someone in Vermont realized that there are more important things to do with the peoples' time and money.

The article is here

Speaking of VT do you think it is any coincidence that there was not a shooting of note in Vermont recently is that it is the only state that does not require a permit or license for a law abiding citizen to lawfully carry a concealed weapon.

An armed society is a polite society.


It also has low poulation density, a culturally homogenous population and an insular, guarded culture.

Shorter: It's not the guns. It's that no one lives close to anyone else and they're very similar.

Gee thanks for that, where did you publish that study?

The Census, that bastion of inaccuracy and liberal bias, gives the pop. density of Vermont as about 61 people per square mile and the national average is about 80. So they did the study. I just read it.

The same Census says that the state is between 98 and 97% white, making it the second whitest state in America and the second oldest; being nearly dead not really being a big predictor of gun violence.

So yeah, I pretty much pulled it out of my ass because it's not like I get paid to look things up and get them right.

Got any statistics on crime and gun ownership in VT? (I'm sure there are some although comparing them to some other population might not be valid. Interesting yes, but valid I'm not so sure. I think Detroit has more crime and fewer legally owned guns, but comparing Detroit and Montpelier's anything is probably not too valid.

Do you think white people are less likely to be mass murderes (I think it might be the opposite) While it might not be politically correct I think black people shoot you for a good reason, but white people are more likely to shoot you because they are nuts.

I'd rather be shot for a reason, if I have to be shot at all.