A cat named RICO/ Publix brand cat food recalled

Submitted by mdoneil on Wed, 04/11/2007 - 03:44

So, I've heard that there may be criminal charges against the pet food manufacturer that produced the tainted food.
You see the manufacturer allegedly tested the suspect food on its own lab animals and killed a number of them. Then there was some insider trading and a company insider dumped stock a few weeks before the recall, but after the testing.
So there is speculation, and one must assume an investigation on a delay of the announcement that they had killed ~20 % of their own test animals and of course a delay in the recall.
This insider trading on this information is of course dirty pool, but it was in Canada not the US.
Somebody said that there was a US criminal investigation involving the FDA (ORA) and the FBI. I know someone has been pushing for this and annoying the law enforcement arm of the FDA (betcha didn't even know there was one).
I've been told by a reliable source that RICO/Wire Fraud is being considered.
Today there was another recall and of course I have some of that food too (Publix brand Sliced Beef Entree code on can or the offending can with a photo of the cat the manufacturers killed.
Bitter, no why should I be, just because I still have cat food on the shelf at home that should have been recalled a long time ago when there was any suspicion of a problem. You know food that we were< a href="http://oneil.cx/images/publixweb.JPG"> told was good by Publix apparently they don't find it important enough to update their webpage the day it is announced. I think they are royal scumbags.
Delaying the recall apparently for financial gain, failing to timely recall suspect products, retailers failing to timely notify consumers, retailers providing incorrect information about the safety of their store brand cat foods.
Even if they hadn't killed my cat I'd be angry.
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