Are you a bit unusual?

Submitted by mdoneil on Sun, 04/08/2007 - 04:26

Are you a bit unusual? Different than others? Well you are just who they are looking for. Sign up to be a bone marrow donor.

The test to enter your tissue type into the database is a simple buccal swab (cheek skin cells). It takes only seconds and is completely painless.
While everyone who is eligible should sign up to be a donor, the is a great need for black, asian and mixed race donors. The more of a mutt you are the harder it is to find a match. So you mutts like me, sign up to see if you will be lucky enough to match a patient.
My brother John was a BMT recipient in 1990 and his donor was not a family member, but an unrelated donor. However since we were tested to be donors we asked to be added to the National Marrow Donor Registry so we could perhaps help others.
It has been several years since I was a BMT donor, and the procedure is no more painful than kick in the shin, it is remarkably more rewarding though.
So send for a collection kit collect those cells in the privacy of your own home (or in the Library if you want) and send it off to join the registry.
Special offer, one per person, act soon, not valid with any other offer, please bring tray table and seat back to the upright position....
I will reimburse the first 10 people to ask the $52 fee for the join by mail. You can often join for free at your local blood bank. So if you want to join and can't find a freebie locally get the kit and drop me a note to be reimbursed.
Give the gift of life, donate bone marrow.
Happy Easter !