Bloglines may not be broken but it's bent.

Update: As of now, the problem seems to be solved, thanks to a combination of Blake's work, Bloglines "resetting the feed," and maybe my attempts to feed everything through Feedburner.

If you have problems, I'd suggest unsubscribing and resubscribing from the top option in the browser address-bar icon (in Firefox2 or IE7), which should definitely pick up the Feedburner feed.

And I now seem to have >400 subscribers. Hmm...

Original post

In case you're a Walt at Random reader and wonder whether I've given up blogging, the answer is no.

I wrote a post on Saturday, another on Tuesday, one on Wednesday, and a special test post today. I also updated an old post twice during that time.

If you use Bloglines, you may or may not have seen any of these. I certainly haven't seen the Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or updated posts.

The Bloglines forum shows I'm not the only one. Bloglines definitely knows there's a problem--at least with WordPress blogs, maybe with others. They say they're fixing it. I'm not sure.

For W.a.R., the problem's been going on for months, but it's getting worse. Bloglines hasn't visited my primary feeds since Sunday. I'm not ready to give it up, but I'm not thrilled either.

Update 3/27: I was running Google Reader and Bloglines in parallel while this problem was being worked on. I'll admit to being peculiar, but I found that I still liked Bloglines better. Now that the problem appears solved, I've unsubbed all my Google Reader feeds...for now, at least.


I've been noticing a problem but its primarily been with Blogger accounts like Michael Golrick's and Norma's. I have wordpress and its been showing up fine on mine, but I haven't done any of the recent wordpress upgrades either. If you have maybe its Wordpress?

I'm pretty sure it's mod_security on LISHost, but I've been working on it all weekend hoping for a breakthrough with no luck.

You mean that's kept LISHost accounts of Bloglines?