The Cuba List for World Readers

As part of FREADOMs new International Read A Burned Book Campaign, high school and college students are encouraged to read one of the Top Ten books burned in Cuba.


The list is based on the court evidence of the trials in which thousands of books were ordered burned, after whole library collections were confiscated, with no warrant, and the directors were jailed.

1. Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Perhaps the most incinerated document taken from the independent libraries in Cuba has been the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

2. Cuba's Repressive Machinery: Human Rights Forty Years After the Revolution, by Human Rights Watch (Human Rights Watch, July 20, 1999).

3. View of Dawn in the Tropics, by G. Cabrera Infante. Translated from Spanish by Suzanne Jill Levine. (London: Faber, 1988)

4. Martin Luther King: Contra todos las exclusiones, by Vincent Rousell (Bilbao [Spain]: Editorial Desclée De Bouwer, 1995).

5. George Orwell, ALA Farm. (Oops, that’s Animal Farm)

6. EI Viaje de Juan Pablo II, or The Journey of John Paul II.

7. El Proyecto Varela [The Varela Project] by Alberto Muller [and] Oswaldo Payá (Miami, FL : Ediciones Universal, 2002).

8. Reporters Without Borders Report

9. The Black Book of Communism (Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press, 1999).

10. The Power of the Powerless: Citizens Against the State in Central-Eastern Europe, by Vaclav Havel

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