Librarians for Fairness Respond

I received a reply from Librarians for Fairness, which I have blogged and am posting here.

Hi Walter:

Rothstein & Memsic is the design company that was given the job of creating and registering our website. It also designed the LfF logo and submitted it to us for approval. Our dealings with that company were only about the LfF website and logo. Contrary to what a LISnews poster recently asserted, we are not a front group for any entity or company. We are simply an organization of librarians.

The group of librarians who founded LfF did approach Stand With Us for sponsorship. Stand With Us agreed to do so and we are affiliated with it. A growing number of our librarian-members have the access code for the posting of articles on the website, which they continue to do. Librarian-members also pick the list of links from our website to others. The LfF librarians who do not have our website access code can and do recommend items to be added.

Sincerely yours,
Andy for LfF
[email protected]


In response, I have withdrawn my> and updated the original article.