Vigilant, Vociferous and Vexed

Submitted by tomeboy on Tue, 02/21/2006 - 17:28

Just a Little Table Setting for our LISNews Censorship Vanguard."I strongly disagreed with both the creation and the publication [emphasis mine] of cartoons that were considered blasphemous to devout Muslims around the world because they depicted the Prophet. I thought it was a mistake"......"But do not do something that is blasphemous. And then give them a chance to say they regret, and to learn from you and learn with you. There may be a lot of things about my faith that you do not know." ("Remarks by Former President Clinton on Cartoon Issue During Press Availability with Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz" States News Service, 2/17/06)
Note: The former President's remarks have been available via Lexis-Nexis for four days. I'm confident AlterNet, if not ALA, will follow soon.
And then this from the Times (London) ; )

Speech by Angela Merkel, about the convening of an international conference in Berlin to investigate Islam. "We propose the following to the Muslims: if you are not lying, allow a group of neutral, honest researchers to come to Mecca, and to talk to people, examine documents and let people know the findings of their research about the Muhammad myth. You have even prevented your own scholars from researching this issue. They are allowed to study anything except for the Muhammad myth. Are these not medieval methods?"