Now I'VE been Tagged!

Samantha, thank you for tagging me - I guess I'm it!!

Four jobs I've had:

1. "flyer" at Gimbels in Manhattan (long gone)
2. managing director of a 1,200 seat amphitheater
3. Broadway Asst. Stage Manager & Asst. Lighting Designer
4. publishers assistant for a childrens book company

Four movies I watch over and over:

1. Hitchcock
2. Anything with Cary Grant
3. Anything with Fred Astaire
4. Anything with Ingrid Bergman

Four places I've lived

1. Washington, DC
2. Paris, France
3. St. Thomas Virgin Islands
4. New York City -- the best

Four TV shows I love

1. NYPD Blue (but it's over..)
2. Natl. Geographic & Discovery Ch. nature shows
3. Saturday Night Live
4. All My Children (going on maybe 30 years?)

Four places I've vacationed

1. St. Barts West Indies
2. Tahiti
3. Western Pennsylvania (bike ride)
4. Italy

Four of my favorite dishes

1. chocolate, the darker the better
2. pasta
3. artichokes, tomatoes
4. seafood

Four sites I visit daily

1. LISNews - for sure
2. flickr
3. my childrens blogs
4. Nasdaq

Four places I would rather be right now:

can't think of one...I'm home with my loving husband on Valentine's Day (he came through with the flowers!!!), waiting for Chinese food to arrive

Four books I love:

1. Poisonwood Bible
2. The Namesake (Lahiri)
3. Any Paul Theroux
4. Death of Vishnu (Manil Suri)
and I'm now enjoying Snow...

Four video games:

not a gamer, sorry

Four bloggers I am tagging:

1. kmmcook
2. blumster
3. caryb
4. Louise