From the Earth to the Moon

There is a DVD mini-series called From the Earth to the Moon that is a must see.

No really, I am not kidding here. Please stop a moment and listen to me. You really need to watch this whole series. It is very, very good. The series is comprised of twelve 55 minute episodes. I recommend you watch them all but there are two episodes that I recommend above all the others. One is called "Galileo was Right" and the other is called "Spider". The "Spider" episode is about the building of the lunar lander (the LEM). Seems like it might be a dry topic but it is not. This is not a documentary but a dramatization of the events that happened. From everything I have read the creators of this series worked hard to make everything as accurate as possible. The other segment I reccomend "Galileo was Right" is about the teachers (scientists) that gave the astronauts a love of knowledge that allowed them to go be the eyes for the scientist. I know it seems dry but trust me when I say that it is a shockingly good episode and amazingly inspirational episode. You do not have to read too far between the lines to draw an analogy to the importance of librarianship from this episode. Here is a part of a review that talks about the "Galileo" episode. Galileo was the only episode in the series that brought tears to our eyes. Because of budget cuts the later Apollo missions were condensed and the astronauts were forced into a crash course on geology and scientific method to execute previously unplanned assignments. Fortunately, they found an instructor who did not just provide them with the knowledge they required, but instilled within them the desire to learn. Not only does the episode depict the Apollo 15 mission succinctly while doing an exceptional job at exploring the personalities of all three astronauts (usually just one or two are profiled in detail), but it is a heartwarming tribute to the priceless value of teachers everywhere. Every library should own this set and every librarian should see this series. Others that have seen this series back me up here. The series is available on Netflix if you can't find it anywhere else or your library will not or cannot afford to get it. If you can only watch one episode please see the "Galileo was Right" episode. And if you like that one as much as I think you will please see the "Spider" episode.


I've only seen bits and pieces of a couple of episodes, but I'll lend credence to what's been said in the original post. I'm a space cadet from way back, and would get up early just to watch every shuttle launch. Seeing how the astronauts learned to handle equipment, deal with unexpected challenges (a drill head gets stuck in one episode I think), really brings home how heroic they are. And who do they have to thank? Their instructors!