No… F--- you.

What was here has been settled. I have entered into an agreement that makes me whole, and provides a charitable donation.

However in the settlement agreement I was asked not to discuss the particulars of the case. I agreed to remove my previous post from LISNews as the company could possibly be identified. (even though I left that detail out)

I can say that I am more than pleased with the outcome.

845 PM - still waiting for the fax they promised by the end of business. Fax is on and paper is in the machine (this fax I let them send it is the satisfaction of judgement.) I'm not signing anything until the checks arrive :)

9:30AM Saturday The fax really was there, the paper was just not in exactly right to print.

Two things I learned for next time.
If you file multiple suits serve them individually. If you put 9 of them in one envelope and send it certified mail to the defendant they may argue improper service.
Even if you have a judgement the defendant can appeal. If the judgements combined are more than the limits of small claims court then they can ask to have it transferred to county or circuit court (I don't know if it will be transferred but just something to consider.)

So if I have to sue someone in small claims court again for several things that happen over several days I'll file each one on a different day and serve them independent of one another.

I'll try and post the story again after I tidy it up.... or at least post how I went about doing it. I just don't want to torque anyone off, even though I have the fax I don't have the checks.


Have you seen that the junk fax law is being defanged? Although in your case, the remaining teeth would still have bitten the moron who was faxing you.

That is it a pathfinder, what a good idea being a librarian and all.

Oh, and seized for auction, not auctioned yet. I guess they hold onto it for a while while the publish the legal adverts in the paper. It is possible to settle before the auction.

I shall make it my day's work to make a useful pathfinder (right after I get back from church).

While mdoneil can't reveal particulars I'm sure they can provide a pathfinder. Not only is our legal system intimidating, people are deadly afraid of the unknown. I'd love to have some resources to track down these solictors.

As for the story....
personally I love the part where their property gets seized and auctioned.

I bet their initial expression is similar to the owner of the car geting towed when they block my parking garage for over an hour.

I implore you to please return this story to life, even if you must obfuscate it further to hide the involved identities.

We have so few genuine heroes in these troubled times that it is virtually a crime to withold the tales of their derring-do. Please. Tell the story that must be told! For the children.

really. one of the best i've ever read.

Total about six hours.

It was a big pain though as I had to change my phone number.

The website made it quite easy. I had previously used small claims court though, so I was familiar with how it worked.

Too late, but all's well that ends well.

Man, that's incredible! Hat's off to you for going to all the trouble in this quest and winning! Bravo!

It's great that you're contributing to a worthy cause, but I was curious as to how much time you spent as filing claims/filling out paper work/and doing research can eat up quite amount of time for the uniniated at civil suits.

I receive a ton of junk faxes too whenever I forget to disconnect my machine (I leave it unplugged unless I need it). The thought did occur to me to go after them, but as I'm trying to culminate it's been hectic.

I always like it when good information is included in a well paced story. I'll link to this. I'm sure many people will find this very interesting.

Dude, you the man.

Take this story to a newspaper. I think they would write a story on it and you could use that to get the word out more. You should go to the auction and get a picture of the plane. If anything we can do more of a write up here at LISNEWS. It would be great to have a picture of the plane.

Congrats on taking a stand against fax spam. My only wish is that we could have the same kinds of laws against blatant bulk e-mail spammers.

U-ROCK !!!!

I will NEVER mess with you. Will you collect the overdue fines for my library?

That is the best story ever. Beats "The Librarian" movie to heck and back!

Hurray for you!

Thanks a heap--both for having the guts and for, probably, saving a bunch of other people from junk faxes in the future. Although any operation that pays so little attention to the legal process may be wholly automated, meaning you'll have to seize their servers to shut them down...

In any case: Great stuff. Congratulations.

You so totally rule. This is so awesome.

You SO ROCK! My hero!