Fall 2005

Next week, the new semester begins. I'm not a new library school student any more. There's a whole new crop of confused newbies out there, adusting to life online. I'm still optimistic, and I must say, I've been very impressed with the quality of my education. Some of my classes have really lit a fire, especially the Teaching Reading and Writing in the Content Areas. I focused on information literacy and library use as my content area.

My classes for this fall are:
Reference Sources and Services (Reference)
Managing Collections and Access (referred to from now on as Col Dev or Collection Development)
The School Library, Education, and Society
Storytelling (a one semester hour seminar)

The first two are required for the MLS, the third is required for certification, and the fourth is FOR FUN!


Good luck as you leave your newbieness behind. All of your classes sound good, but I'd be especially interested in any useful tidbits about Collection Development. I either missed or slept through that one in library school.

Thanks for sharing your school experiences with your fellow Newzsters!

Thanks! I'm excited about Collection Development, partly because it's taught by the same great professor that taught Research Methods in the spring. So we'll get a heavy dose of theory and philosophy along with the practical aspects.