A Friendly Reminder: Only You Can Stop Data Loss

Stop whatever it is you're working on right now and back up your important files. Burn them to a CD, drop them on a Zip or floppy disk, upload them to a server, just do something, back those suckers up.

The wife's computer suffered a meltdown (almost literally last night) and she (and by default "we") almost lost some critically important files. The clips that hold the heat sink onto the processor of her computer decided to break for no apparent reason at some point over the weekend, causing her computer to behave badly. I eventually figured out the problem and found a temporary solution. It's useable for now as long as it lays so the heat sink is on top, which means the machine must lay on its left side. I'm usually pretty good about backing up my files, the same can't be said for the wife. So learn from this narrowly avoid data tragedy!

Take a moment NOW and back your precious work up to a safe place. We must all work together to stop senseless data loss.


Once a week, regular as clockwork: All my data files (except ripped MP3), burned to a CD-R using MS Windows XP Pro's built-in Backup software. Takes three minutes. Uses one CD-R every six weeks. I've had occasion to restore a file from a backup.

I can't prove that regular backups keep your disk from crashing. But it sure doesn't hurt...

Maxtor One Touch IIamazon.com>. Comes with a lite version of Dantz Retrospect. Schedule it to do it's magic some time shortly after you normally log off and go to work/bed. Less than a dollar a GIG, and room enough for perhaps several backups, depending on how packed your system is. Set it and forget it. Saved my can several times just from accidentally deleting important files. It's been particularly useful in finding copies of downloaded installers for programs that need to be reloaded.