Woo Hoo I'm Trendy!

"Marketers use word of mouth to pop the top on retro beer"
I never thought I'd be trendy again, but the USA Today says I am, so I'm very excited. "Just as young consumers might wear '70s-look sneakers or sip '50s cocktails, many are bellying up to the bar for the beers Grandpa drank — maybe a Rheingold, a Leinenkugel's or a Utica Club."
I first tried Leinenkugel's in Columbus a couple years ago and it was some damn fine $4.99 a six pack beer. I've never seen it here in WNY, that is until last week I spotted a 6er @Wegmans, though it's $7.99 here. The article also mentions Yuengling, which has appeared everywhere around here, but tastes like pee. I still have yet to hear anyone talk about Leinenkugel, so I'm acting like a good marketing tool and writing about it here. I had this amazing raspberry wheat beer the other day, if I could just remember what the heck it was I'd give them a plug too. So I sit here writing about & driking "retro beers," brands that might bring to mind old men in ribbed undershirts but are finding new life with the young. Except I'm not young, and it doesn't bring to mind old men in ribbed undershirts, though it does remind me of the beer store on 5th Ave in Columbus.


If I'm remembering correctly, Leinie's was sold to Miller some time in the late 80's or early 90's. They pretty much left it as is for a while, but then cranked things up when micro-brews started getting trendy. The family still runs the brewery, but they amped things up about a decade ago. They expanded the Chippewa Falls plant and built a new one in Milwaukee, increased production, broadened the product line, added tours and a gift shop full of tchotckes. For the most part, the basic recipe for their older varieties hasn't changed. Much. Used to be pretty hard to get outside of Wisconsin, but it's becoming much more common in and outside of the midwest. I can find it with little trouble at my parent's near DC, and a friend in Austin says she can get it in a few of the places she shops. It's around $6-7 a six in Columbus now. I like their Red the best. I can't stand Killian's, as much for it's cloying taste as for Coors' awful racial and political history.

That reminds me, I heard that Pierre Celis is brewing his Belgian White again. This time in Michigan (was in Austin a decade ago). Time to do a little googling....

Wow! That's some big inflation in 2 years! I think I've only had the red, might've tried something else, but this red is some good stuff.

Rheingold the dry beer, look for Rheingold wherever you buy beer...

Who remembers thatlittle tune? My uncle was a distributor.

Every time I drink Pabst Blue Ribbon, I get the urge to beat the crap out of Kyle MacLachlan.