More On The Jobs @LISNews

I was pleasantly surprised at the response to my Jobs post the other day, I'm thinking I might be on to something, more than a few good ideas and volunteers. So allow me to ramble on a bit more. Continuing on the path of making LISNews more, uh, better, I was wondering if we (as authors mostly) need to think about LISNews is a slightly different way that we have been in the past. LISNews is essentially one web site, or at least that's how I've always thought of it, I've also thought of it as three sites, the news, the journals, and the comments, but essentially it's still But what if we thought about LISNews as one site ( with many sections (,, Each section could have an editor with powers to post to their own section. Each section could have a unique RSS feed, mailing list, and audience. We're already doing this with the wireless section, and that's the most popular section by far, Bill Drew has been editor-in-cheif there for almost a year now.

I don't think this would really change the way most of us do our jobs now, but if we're able to add some new people to the crea, it might add in some new voices and add more interesting stories. It might also change how those of us with super secret authors powers work. There would be a few of us whith "root powers," that is, just a few of us that can do anything. Then there would be the section editors who can do anything on their sections, as well as post to the index page. Then there would be dozens (hundreds? Millions?) of regular authors who would be able to post only to their own sections.

The good thing with this approach is it doesn't really mean any more work for me, a big plus, heck it might even mean less work. It could bring more people and more interesting stories, and if it fails, well, no harm done. I *think* slashcode is already designed for this, so it should be fairily easy to do.

So what needs to come first? I think if I want something new to happen it's going to take some work. That is, I don't think this is something that will just happen naturally, as much of our growth has, or it would've already. Do I need to set up an editorial board from the authors we have currently? Do I need to be for more original writing? Do I need to email all the bloggers to see if they want to post to LISNews? It makes sense to approach bloggers now since they're already out there. But I know that they're not really a bunch that will see much value in collaboration. So, again, just more ideas and questions.