Soft trial redux

After looking at the 22 (23?) responses I got from the Topica posting, the 2 I got at the C&I Updates blog, and the 5 (6?) I got here--and looking at the HTML versions themselves, with my browser set so it would really be obvious if the font setting was, um, less than consistent...

  • I haven't made a decision yet, and almost certainly won't in time for C&I 5:4 (since that's entering the edit-and-copyfit stages).
  • I've posted a new set of html trials, using a different and even simpler methodology that I'm sure won't take more than 30-40 minutes per issue.
  • Go to the C&I "All Contents" page, as before (pagination has been fixed), drop down to the bottom, and you'll find the new links.
  • I'm nearly certain that these versions will display and print consistently on any Windows PCs with Book Antiqua installed (which should mean "any Windows PCs") and any browsers with font overrides in place. Mac printing should be consistent, but I have no idea what it will look like. It's still not pretty HTML, to be sure.
  • If I do this, it's likely to use this methodology--and it's likely to be selective, as in: Leaving out Bibs & Blather, leaving out any article running more than 40% of the entire length of an issue, possibly leaving out articles that I don't believe make much sense out of context.

Given those notes, your opinion as to whether it's worth doing or not is still solicited--and if you haven't change your mind since commenting on the other trial, you don't need to comment again; I'll consider those comments in my final decision.

Once again, an important reminder: The PDF version will continue to be the most readable, most attractve, and most complete version of Cites & Insights.


I really hate PDF files and oftentimes will pass up something that's only in PDF. We seem to have lots of problems with Acrobat at work, and on my home computer. Files take forever to load or the computer freezes up. I suppose that indicates a problem with the computers rather than the software.

That's a shame--because, if I do this at all, the HTML will be selective, not complete.

But then, I'm not looking for world domination or A-list-level readership. When I migrate to Acrobat7 (the software's been shipped...), I should be providing better access for visually-impaired readers (with text-to-speech enabled)--but people who won't deal with PDF won't see all of C&I. Them's the breaks.

For you, Walt, I'll endure the download and crashing.

Aw. That's nice. (Maybe downloading Acrobat Reader 7 will help?) doubt it's more daft user syndrome than anything.