Peculiarities of notoriety (Wikipedia and me)

Just for fun (I need it right now!):

There's no entry under my name in the English Wikipedia. I can't think of any reason that there should be. (Pretty certain I'm not going to show up in any traditional encyclopedia, either! My inclusion in certain Marquis publications is a source of bemusement on my part.)

On the other hand, there is a page for Walt Crawford in the Deutsch/German Wikipedia. Created by one of my readers & correspondents. (My mother's parents were both born in Germany, but I know the correspondent didn't know that. My reading ability in German consists of cutting-and-pasting into Google Translate and trying to interpret what comes out.)

No deep significance. Deliberately.

No, I'm not hoping that a Wikipedian goes and creates a page: To the extent that there are biographical pages, I'd guess there are several hundred thousand living Americans who should get priority, quite apart from all the dead ones and all the non-Americans.