Cites & Insights 5:3 (February 2005) available

Cites & Insights 5:3, February 2005, is now available for downloading.

The 24-page issue (PDF as always) includes:

  • Ethical Perspectives: Republishing and Blogging--(no, it's not about the Webcred conference)
  • The Library Stuff: two articles and a cluster of five blog entries worth reading and thinking about
  • Trends & Quick Takes: 11 items in all, including a different look at Pew's blogging numbers, patent holding companies, an OPAC wiki, and lots more.
  • Perspective: Wikipedia and Worth [Revisited]--how one little op-ed draws a book's worth of flames and comments!
  • The Good Stuff--seven articles worth reading
  • Session Reports from ALA Midwinter 2005: ACRL Current Topics Discussion Group and ALCTS Electronic Resources Interest Group
  • Additional session reports from ALA Midwinter are still invited, as are other program and conference reports. See the reporting guidelines.

    For those of you also on the Topica CICAL Alert list...well, the Spring 2003 issue was a good one too. Sorry about the fumblefingered URL!

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