By Timothy Noah over at Slate, "If, after my journey is ended through this vale of tears, I should be favored with remembrance, it will likely be for the succor I provided holiday shoppers. It was I who discovered the customer service number for Amazon.com."
Amazon's Customer Service Number


Our library occasionaly (very occasionally) orders materials from amazon. com. I called there once after a librarian who left before I started ordered a bunch of stuff I thought not in keeping with my collection development goals. It arrived after she quit so I decided to send it back.

After talking to 3 people one person finally insisted that I had to have the previous librarians email address (she used some free email service) before they could discuss the return with me. The fact that I had the invoice with all the relevent information and the books with me made not a whit of difference. Stupid people.

I boxed 'em up mailed 'em back and got a refund check in a few weeks.

It was a complete waste of my time calling them for an RMA number. Stupid people, stupid system.

I don't order from Amazon.com very often anymore (although I bought Godfrey Oswald's Library World Records for myself and for my library recently because B&T had it on backorder. Saved $30 by signing up for the amazon.com visa card...sweet).

If I want books I go to Inkwood Booksinkwoodbooks.com> my local independent bookstore which actually features humans that can help you (and cookies!).