Some Other LISNews Numbers

Submitted by Blake on Wed, 11/24/2004 - 13:54

Last time I wrote on stats I covered the Web stats,
statistics we can grep out of the Apache log file generated each time a page s
served. This time I thought I'd share more of the numbers gathered by Slashcode.
For the really curious, you can read through every line of Slashcode yourself
over on Sourceforge, but I’ll just pull out some of the more interesting numbers
for now. I've actually built a dynamic page that pulls out these numbers from
the database in real time, and it's quite easy to add in new queries, if you
have any ideas let me know. The trouble is, at the moment, it's a HUGE hit to
the database, and it's not something I can afford to have being loaded several
thousand times a day. I'll build a static version and post a link as soon as I
have some time. Class is almost over so hopefully I'll have some more time to
devote to the LISNews code.

There are several dozen Slashcode tables, but we only need
to worry about a few of them at this point. Users, Stories, Moderatorlog,
metamodlog, comments, discussions and journals gather the numbers we're looking
for. I'll  skip the lesson on relational database theory, so it's up to you to
make sense of anything that reads like code.

Note; These numbers are for the month of October 2004, I'll
post this month when we're reached December.

Busiest authors:
Rochelle : 94
Blake : 85
birdie : 56
bentley : 31
Daniel : 10
Bibliofuture : 6
rudimyers : 5
Dan G. : 5
Ryan : 4
John : 3
Samantha : 1
Dennie : 1
Karen K : 1
Bill Drew : 1

That one is pretty simple. I just count the number of
articles per userid and match the id against the Users table to figure out who's
who. Rochelle was a busy bee indeed during October! If I remember right, she
also hit her 1,000th story somewhere in there. This is one of those
areas where I'm not sure we could ever have a list that was too long. Breadth
and depth are vitally important, and they're something we do fairly well, though
maybe not as well as I'd like.  Having 14 authors post in a month is fantastic,
something I could only dream of a year or two ago. There's a number of ways we
can do better that I am considering.

Total number of comments: 1051
Total number of commentors: 101
Busiest commentors:
GregS* : 126
nbruce : 84
birdie : 80
ChuckB : 50
tomeboy : 48
Rochelle : 42
Fang-Face : 41
mdoneil : 40
Daniel : 39
Bibliofuture : 38

Another rather simple one. A few different count() calls run on the comments
table, with a join onto users to pull out the names. This is another area that
could use some more people, though unlike the number of authors, this one is
completely out of my hands. The 10 busiest commentators account for more than
half of all comments posted. I don't know that this is really all that different
at any other site that allows the kinds of collaboration we do. It would be
great if we had double or triple these numbers, but this is another number that
I couldn't have ever imagined reaching.

Total number of stories: 303

select count(*) from stories where date like thismonth. Nothing to it. What's
the magic number? How much is too much? No idea. I suspect more than one an hour
is too much, but for some people it's probably not enough.

Total number of submissions: 259

select count(*) from submissions where date like thismonth.
I know for sure this number could never be high enough. Submissions are the #1
most important part of the site.

Total number of metamoderations: 1114
Total Fair: 1074
Total Unfair: 40

The first one is just another count(), the next 2 limit to
either 1 (fair) or -1 (unfair) I'm actually surprised this number is so high.
I'd be curious to see if there are just a couple people participating, or we've
got a large group metamoderating.

Total number of moderations: 780
--Total up: 571
--Total down: 47
--Funny: 66

Why did I chose to single out the "funny" moderation?
I'm actually surprised this number is lower than the
metamoderation number. I suspect it has something to do with the ability to post
and moderate in the same discussion, or lack thereof, or, there's something
wrong with my queries.

Average score of moderated comments: 1.7505
Comments with a score of 5: 22
Comments with a score of 4: 47
Comments with a score of 3: 89
Comments with a score of 2: 195
Comments with a score of 1: 666
Comments with a score of less than 0: 5

Just A bunch of counts(). Moderations, like
metamoderations, or overwhelmingly positive. Most comments start out with a
score of 1, many with a score of 2, so anything above that has been moded up at
least once. Anything below 0 has been moded down at least twice. I've always
like the ability to just view the 5s at Slashdot, though it's not a problem here
since most stories get very few comments. Moderation was the big reason I chose
to move to Slashcode. The interaction between moderation and metamoderation is
pretty darn interesting, and I would like to build a couple pages to have a look
at how that's all working.

Number of journal entries: 193
Number of journal comments: 185
Most prolific journalists:
30 : nbruce
14 : Daniel
13 : birdie
11 : mdoneil
11 : bentley
11 : Fang-Face
10 : AshtabulaGuy
9 : slashgirl
9 : ChuckB
9 : Walt

Journal comments and regular comments are stored in
different tables for some reason, so they're easy to track seperatly. The
journals are jumpin' this month, and have been attracting far more comments than
the main stories. My first project when I have some time to devote to the code
is going to be to set up a Journals section, probably at,
that builds an index page based on journal entries. That will give everyone the
ability to essentially post to the index page of a section.

Number of people who logged in: 192
Total number of user accounts: 3574

There is no field for account added date (now that I write
this, there should be) so I can't tell for sure when a new account was added. I
suppose I could start keeping track of that, or even figure it out by looking at
when someone left a comment for the first time. The larger the number of people
logged in, the more participation, the better LISNews becomes.

The numbers that interest me are the ones that show not
just total usage, but also show us just how many people are doing things. I'd
like to see more people participating. So if we have 1000 comments, but they're
from 10 different people, we're not really getting the kind of breadth in
participation I'd really like to see. My philosophy has always been there's
strength in numbers and the more people participating the better & stronger
LISNews becomes. We should never become an echo chamber. As many sides as
possible should be, as the kids say,  "representin' yo."

One thing I know I've missed is the Zoo, aka "friends and
foes" I'm actually not quite sure what I can pull out of that table that would
be of any interest. I'm trying to maintain privacy on any topics that might
cause any hard feelings, and I'm afraid that might be one of them.

What's interesting is this month there are actually more
comments on the journals than the stories. I think this is a first, and it'll be
interesting to see if it's the start of a trend. It'll be very easy for me to
add new numbers to this list, so please so let me know if I missed something, or
you have an idea for a new query. I'll also cut and paste the numbers for this
month once they're all tabulated.