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The Last Straw - Carl Worden Makes His Vote Official


The absolute last straw for me took place at the Bush rally, held in Central Point, Oregon on October 14th. President Bush stayed in Jacksonville, Oregon overnight after the rally, and protesters and police clashed on the streets. I sent out a photo of a Jackson County Sheriff's Deputy, all Nazi'd up in black leather riot control gear and grinning evilly as he shoved a woman holding her 5 year-old daughter. It wasn't the finest hour for local law enforcement, but even that wasn't the last
straw for me. No, the last straw for me happened just before the Bush rally itself.

Three local teachers got tickets to the Bush rally, passed all the security checkpoints and scrutiny and got in. They never created or caused a disturbance, and they were perfectly peaceful members of the audience waiting to hear Bush speak. But before they got to hear Bush, they were expelled from the rally by Bush rally staff who objected to the words printed on the T-shirts they were wearing.

No, the words on the T-shirts the ladies were wearing did not disparage Bush, nor did they suggest support for Kerry or any other candidate. The words did not condemn or support the war in Iraq, nor did they slam any Administration policy. No, the T-shirts the three women wore showed an American flag, and under it the words, "Protect Our Civil Liberties". That was all -- I kid you not.

That was it. That was the last straw for me. That was the defining moment I'll never forget. That was my epiphany.

Bryan Platt, Chairman of the Jackson County Republican Central Committee, said he stood 100 percent behind the person who made the decision to exclude the women, removing any doubt that one or two individuals exceeded their authority and blew it. No, it was solid, Republican neo-conservative fascist policy on open display, and the Brown Shirts weren't about to apologize for it. No way.

I am now a man without a political party. I will never again register as a Republican unless the party returns to what it was before the fascists took it over.


What I do know is that any party that would find the words, "Protect Our Civil Liberties" offensive or even threatening, is a party I won't belong to anymore.

That was the last straw.
--Carl F. Worden

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thanks Fang, here's my email to Mr. Worden-

Dear Mr. Worden,

Did you watch the RNC convention in New York? Did you see the President speak? Did you notice the not one but two protesters try to interupt his speech? People who had been allowed in to the convention, who weren't wearing anything questionable but when the oppurtunity arose they went for it. Why should President Bush have to put up with liberal hissy fits? And please don't act dumb about the 'civil liberties' message. It concerns the Patriot Act controversy, you know it, I know it. It was a Bush rally and if they didn't want to bother with potential disruptions during the speech they had every right to send the liberals on their way.

Greg McClay

That's a very fine example of playing dumb, GregS*. I don't recall Mr. Worden saying in his article anything about the political affiliations of the teachers who had been rousted, and the message was completely bipartisan. Moreover, your assumption that they were going to create some kind of a disturbance creates a violation of their right to be presumed innocent.

You can send your own e-mails yourself through the link in the original article.

:) sorry for not being clear Fang, that's exactly what I did, here's the follow-up conversation:

Now that dog won't hunt! Carl Worden


Because? - Me


Your suggestion that you know the women were protesting the Patriot Act. The women live and work here for our "No Child Left Behind Schools", and they never even mentioned the Patriot Act before or after the incident.

They wanted to see what would happen if they were perfectly quiet and orderly with just the simple words, "Protect Our Civil Liberties", and they found out.

You people who still support the Republican Party are no longer my people. No true, patriotic American who supports the Constitution would support Bush -- or his Brown Shirts.



I support the Constitution, nothing in the Constitution has been violated, those women did not have a Constitutional right to be there and you just admitted that they didn't go there to support Bush. No I'm sure they didn't mention the Patriot Act, liberals never say what they mean. They always use codes like affirmative action instead of racial quotes, progressive instead of liberal, and 'Protect Our Civil Liberties' instead of 'Down With The Patriot Act'.

You're probably right, Bush probably doesn't care about Civil Liberties but only because he doesn't feel they are being attacked and are perfectly intact. He's cares more about terrorism, where people are actually trying to kill us, then about whiners who think any attempt to actually catch terrorist on our own soil is an attack on the Constitution.

'Brown Shirts'... you oughta be ashamed of yourself...



The End so far (just now seeing a couple major spelling errors)

...creates a violation of their right to be presumed innocent.

Unless of course one can read their mind or mindset.

Boss man

Mindsets do not have to be read; people put them on display and demonstrate in myriad small ways every day. Nor does a mindset translate into action. Perhaps you wouldn't own a slave given the chance. I'll believe it when I see it, but in the meantime: you're according to yourself authority over and responsibility for the life choices of other people necessarily reduces them to the status of your property, so I stand by my statement that you have such a slaver's mindset.

Another mindset you've been demonstrating is one of hypocrisy. You keep sneering at things that offend your hypersensitivities, dismissing them because of the source, yet on your journal, you have a link to an article at a tabloid newspaper.

How the hell can you reasonably assume you have any credibility at all?

Perhaps you wouldn't own a slave given the chance. I'll believe it when I see it...

Well if your soliciting an invite for tea and crumpets to nose around the plantation I suggest another trip. A revisit to your sage "hole digging" adage.


She held up her sign [reading "My abortion hurt me."].

"Then it happened," Porter explains. "[Kerry] reached up to shake a hand in the back and his eyes went up to my sign. He read it and then he looked into the crowd to see who was holding it -- and he looked me directly in the eyes."

"I hope he saw my pain. I was not angry, just pleading with him to understand. You could see the shock and surprise on his face," Porter said.

But within seconds, a Kerry campaign staff member approached Porter and grabbed her sign.

"You can't have that sign here," the Kerry staffer said.

The sign tore and Porter let go. After he had possession of it, the Kerry staffer "tore it to pieces" and walked away. "He wouldn't even let me have the pieces," Porter said.

Thank you, ChuckB, I've added that to the appropriate page and it'll be uploaded in the next couple of days. Got any more samples along those lines?

I don't have other examples of precisely this kind of thing--this is one I happened to remember from a while back, from>, I think. I haven't sought out or collected reports of this sort about the Kerry campaign.

I can find a fair of news reports concering possible Democratic vote fraud and intimidation (there is even one mugshot at The Smoking> now of a Democrat who "intimidated" a controversial Florida Republican by driving towards her with his car). I haven't been keeping up with LISNews as much lately, so I'm not sure what you are collecting on this web page.

I will say this: all examples of intimidation and fraud make me angry, whichever party benefits.