Dissension in the ranks: letters home from Iraq

Michael Moore has an article posted to CommonDreams.org containing a few e-mails he's gotten from troops on the ground in the Iraq Killing Field. Hear it like it is from the people who are there instead of from your chickenhawks in office. . . .


for posting the link. You can't put a "spin" on these letters and you can't deny that the soldiers serving there don't know what's happening. They're in the middle of it. Appalling and devastating.

You can spin it by acting as if these are the only letters coming out of Iraq.

You are free to find and publish those letters that support this illegal occupation, of course.

yup, but plenty of other sites do that all ready so I don't really feel obligated to do so, or even act as if its big news.

If that is the case, then:

1: why were you complaining about Moore exercising his first amendment right to publish selected letters the same way those other sites do, and;

2: why haven't you supported your claim with documentary evidence in the form of a link or two?

I wasn't 'complaining' about anything, I was responding to the idea that those letters couldn't be spun.

They can't be spun; those letters are the simple, straight-forward truth. It is interpretation that is subject to spin, not the truth.