Islamist regimes will love this one

How in the name of unholy Hell can any American sleep at night with George Bush not only ensuring it contintues to be a big, fat target for terrorists, but actually making it more attractive a target? There's an article from Reuters, and reprinted at, about the U.S. kissing Israel's militaristic ass with high powered weapons which Israel specifically stated will be proof against Iranian nuclear facilities. Does anybody have a sane and rational explanation for how this might not be taken the wrong way by the terrorism-minded?

You're president isn't just a moron . . . he's total fucking asshole.


"Orphans make great terrorists".

We are losing "the war on terrorism", and too many people are losing their lives, unnecessarily. What incentive do the terrorists have to stop beheading innocent people? None that I can see. It's frightening and horrifying.

"Your regime is exactly the same as Hussein's; it is not right or better to kill a few thousand innocents to kill or arrest one man."

Then stop us Fang.

There's no "stupidity" in hating an occupier for murdering your family, but someone who didn't hate the U.S. before it blew up their loved ones likely would afterward. You wouldn't be cognizant of that because you probably read only the lackey corporate press.

Your regime is exactly the same as Hussein's; it is not right or better to kill a few thousand innocents to kill or arrest one man.

I'd have to research it, but I'd bet that that oil-for-food program was put in place because Big Daddy Bush threw his weight around.

Like I said in my first post, no one becomes that stupid over night.

Killing a few thousand to stop a man from killing another million is absolutely justifiable, especially when you go out of your way to not target civilians unlike the enemy.

no no no, oil-for-food was run by the UN, that center of honesty liberals are so fond of.

The people who already hated us were and are Saddam backers or Muslim raicals, . . .

Look who's changing the argument, now. I asked about those who came to hate you during the week, not those who already hated you, and your statement is a bare-faced misapprehension in any event. The Iraq Resistance is formed primarily of ordinary people who want you to stop killing their families and for you invaders to get the hell out of their homeland; which includes those so-called Muslim radicals. Everything that went on before this week simply primed the pump. You're blowing up their loved ones in the marketplace drove them to hate you now. The Saddamiye, I dare say, are a vanishingly small minority.

Saddam killed over a million.

This is a very stupid argument. Saddam's killing of Iraqis does not justify you're doing the same. Nor does it minimize the death and suffering you have wreaked on Iraq. Saddam is not responsible for Bush's actions, Bush is.


An American program, wasn't it? Keep them starving and gasping for water while you control the sale of their resources.

tch tch tch your changing your argument Fang. You asked about this week.

1. The people who already hated us were and are Saddam backers or Muslim raicals, I could care less about any of them.

2. Yes, innocent civilians have died, I've heard the number is close to 20,000 (though not all of those were innocent or civilian). Saddam killed over a million.

The respect and standing you hold is in an international community that is morally bankrupt and in some cases outright corrupt (see oil-for-food). Enjoy.

People don't become that stupid overnight.

Overnight? You poisoned Iraq with depleted uranium in Gulf War One, cut them off from most of what they needed for basic survival, you're poisoning their land and them with DU today, you've been blowing them up in their beds and marketplaces and illegally occupying their country for several months.

This is overnight?

Your blindness and invincible ignorance is contemptible.

As for what we've been doing to stop terrorism, doing nothing is a damned sight more productive than genocide and military misadventurism. What we've been doing is to keep our respect and standing in the international community so Canada does not become a target. The U.S. has also done nothing to stop terrorism, because everything you've done has only served to perpetuate it.

I know you'll never understand that -- just like I know you'll never be found at your local recruitment office.

"How many Iraqis were driven to hate Amerika this week in the mass murder you support"

Not a single one. People don't become that stupid overnight.

While I've always believed that doing nothing is technically doing something. In order to stop terrorism, doing nothing accomplishes nothing. So what is Canada *doing* Fang?

What Canada is doing, GregS*, is to not blindly perpetuate conditions that create terrorists in the first place. The U.S. does that, draws fire from the extemist lunatics, and then throws up its hands in confusion. Your governments don't have clue one.

One thing we did this week that will be active in fighting terrorism was to cancel debts to three countries where many people are so poor they can't afford dirt. I think it's a stupid move myself, for sundry reasons, but it's very unlikely that anyone from those countries will try to fly airliners into our parliament buildings or the C.N. Tower.

How many Iraqis were driven to hate Amerika this week in the mass murder you support, GregS*?

While I do not support the current Israeli gov't and feel their current occupation structure is a complete failure, I do support Israel's basic right to exist. They are right to worry about Iran, as that country has threatened Israel with nuclear annihilation in the recent past. Here are two>, along with a source list:

"In December 2001, former Iranian president Hashemi Rafsanjani called the establishment of the Jewish state the "worst event in history," and declared, "In due time the Islamic world will have a military nuclear device, and then the strategy of the West would reach a dead end, since one bomb is enough to destroy all Israel."2

Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenai told the Syrian premier during his visit to Tehran in November 2000 that "the destruction of Israel will certainly occur."3 Khamenai further emphasized in a Friday sermon "that the cancerous tumor called Israel must be uprooted from the region."4 In January 2001, he noted: "The foundation of the Islamic regime is opposition to Israel and the perpetual subject of Iran is the elimination of Israel from the region."5"

2. Douglas Frantz, "Iran Closes In on Ability to Build a Nuclear Bomb," Los Angeles Times, August 4, 2003.
3. Iranian TV in Persian, November 23, 2000, as quoted in "Iran Calls for the Destruction of Israel," Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center at the Center for Special Studies (C.S.S), Special Information Bulletin, November 2003;>.
4. Iranian TV, December 15, 2000, C.S.S.
5. Meeting with the organizers of the International Conference for Support of the Intifada, Iranian TV, January 15, 2001, C.S.S.

I've seen the above quotes elsewhere, but that's the one source I could find on short notice.

To me this looks like a case of classical deterrence. Now, if we were doing joint US-Israeli operations to bus Palestinians to Jordan, then I think it would be fair to characterize our policy as insane.

As it is, America has a special duty to preserve Israel (at least in the pre 1967 borders) because we utterly failed them in the Holocaust. It is a burden that costs in the Muslim world, especially when we confuse support of Israeli existance with support of Sharon's policy whims. Guranteeing their existance is a moral duty that we cannot shirk, even if that does buy us more terrorism.

HOWEVER, I truly believe that if we limited our actions in the Middle East to keeping Israel in existence (not supporting occupation, etc) terrorism would drop. A few hardliners will always want to push the Jews into the sea, but I think most mid-east people would be happy enough to leave them alone if we'd stop supporting dictators from Cairo to Turkmenistan.

incentive to stop? Their only incentive to stop is when we're all dead or praising Allah.

If it wasn't for Israel Iraq would have been a nuclear power before the 1st Gulf War and they are they only sure bet at preventing Iran from becoming one as well.

Oh and Fang? What's Canada doing to stop Islamic countries that support terrorism?

And your arrogance is the arrogance of the tyrant, as well.