What a Long Strange Trip it's Been

My family returned earlier this week from an exhausting but exciting 11-day road trip, from Brooklyn NY north to central Maine, and then south to Fairfax VA and DC. En route, we visited eight (count 'em) institutions of higher education, all being considered by my high-school senior son for the fall of 2005. He liked most (but not all) of the schools, and is now contemplating which he liked the most and figuring the odds of getting in. We never spent more than one night at each motel/relative's house, except at the end of trip, when I attended my 36th (egad) high school reunion in Washington DC. Along the way, we ate some great lobster, scallops, great breakfasts and great desserts (spell-check!). See how it all relates back to food? In addition to motels, we stayed with my friend the alpaca farmer (in Rhode Island), my sister (suburban CT) and my husband's sister (Virginia). A true whirlwind that makes me glad that I'm not a traveling salesman.