C&I has a notification blog

I may be stubborn about PDF, but far be it from me to insist that people use email (or check here!) to get notifications for new Cites & Insights issues.

On behalf of RSS bigots and others (OK, let's face it, LISNews is now one of very few weblogs I check directly rather than via Bloglines), I've started
C&I Update, a simple Blogger weblog with an Atom (RSS) feed, primarily to get that RSS feed.

I'll post each time there's a new issue, and occasionally for administrative reasons (monetization, expanding the zine, changing directions, that sort of thing: rarely more than once or twice a month).

You can pick up the Atom feed at C&I Updates, or you can--I think--just copy this link. (cical.blogspot.com/atom.xml)


Maybe I'll actually remember to read Cites & Insights on a regular basis, rather than letting them pile up on my desktop. ;)

"You can pick up the Atom feed at C&I Updates, or you can--I think--just copy this link. (cical.blogspot.com/atom.xml)"

Yep. It works. Thanks for doing this.

Shortly after posting that entry I had the bright idea of (gasp) subscribing to my own blog by copying in that link. It worked, of course, but I choose not to edit out my continuing naivete about the innards of this stuff.

For example, apparently Atom won't work with all RSS aggregators. I have no idea what all that means, and I'm unlikely to get fancy enough to care. At heart, I'm still jes' turning out a print zine via PDF (and I have yet to upgrade my copy of Acrobat to v6, for that matter).

I see that the feed already has 35 Bloglines subscribers. Library folk move fast.

Now, to put another issue together. Sometime within the next week, particularly as the cold that's had me half-time at work is starting to ease up. (But then, I may post better when my brain is congested.)