C&I has a notification blog

Submitted by Walt on Fri, 08/13/2004 - 00:50

I may be stubborn about PDF, but far be it from me to insist that people use email (or check here!) to get notifications for new Cites & Insights issues.

On behalf of RSS bigots and others (OK, let's face it, LISNews is now one of very few weblogs I check directly rather than via Bloglines), I've started
C&I Update, a simple Blogger weblog with an Atom (RSS) feed, primarily to get that RSS feed.

I'll post each time there's a new issue, and occasionally for administrative reasons (monetization, expanding the zine, changing directions, that sort of thing: rarely more than once or twice a month).

You can pick up the Atom feed at C&I Updates, or you can--I think--just copy this link. (cical.blogspot.com/atom.xml)