Anonymous Patron Has Left The Building

I turned off the Anonymous Patron account last night, which means you must now register for a real account in order to post a comment. I have mixed feelings on this, but it's something I've given a lot of thought, and after reading a few journal entries lately I felt it was time to see how things felt without Mr. AP.

Regular user accounts are still essentially anonymous, so I don't think it'll make that much of a difference. Let's see how things go, and we'll revisit the issue at a later date.

If you have any thoughts, do let me know.


Way to go!

If we go with Sturgeon's Law, and there's no reason not to since the 90/10 split is a paradigm in a number of areas of social concern, we can safely assume that ninety percent of anonymous posters were simple minded twits. The other ten percent are being punished through guilt by association. On the other hand, as Rochelle pointed out, you can create any kind of a persona for yourself, so there has never really been any barrier to creating an account and remaining anonymous in the first place.

In my not so humble opinion, this allows your decision to be a reasonable time, place, or manner restriction.

Not sure I entirely agree with it, however, as it puts a squeeze on those who prefered to remain anonymous out of genuine concern.

I have only posted anonymously once, and that was because I was talking about a situation at a library that I wasn't sure it was entirely kosher for me to mention. I was worried that I could get in trouble for airing dirty laundry, but I still felt like I should share the situation.In general, though, I don't agree with the APs who have been saying they will be blacklisted if they don't post anonymously because they are conservatives, and that's been the main reason I've seen mentioned by APs as to their status. We have lots of great conservatives on LISNews who aren't afraid to post, and presumably they've had no ill effects.

I am often the one who "starts it" because I have a different political bent than any number of posters here. I don't start it to be disagreeable, but to discuss and debate. No one ever learned anything being presented with the same ideas over and over. I have learned and shaped my opinions from discussions with other users of LISNews and I am sure that I will continue to do so.

I didn't like AP because it could be so many people. AP1, AP2, AP3 would be fine but I'm not sure Blake wants to recode the entire process. I think everyone should be free to be their inner idiot, or idiot savant, I just think anonymous posting commingled the usual suspects too much. Now we know who is rocking the boat. Often it is I.

And not to be a sh*t disturber, but can someone sign up and _use_ the name Anonymous Patron? Granted then there'd only be one...

Deviousness. It's why I work with small children. I can figure most of the tricks before they do...;)


Let's see what happens. I approve of giving this a try.

I see what you mean (and I get nervous bout voicing my own opinion and I'm a little shy). I just hope that the same people who griped so much lately bout Anonymous cut down the vitriol too. A lot of the time, they seemed like the ones who "started it".

Now I better get some work done!


I think the bottom line is that you can create any sort of identity for yourself when you sign up for an account. I mean, who's to say that I'm really "Rochelle?" I do understand the argument from those who worry about losing jobs or whatever, for voicing their opinions. My response to that argument is: 1) It's a damn shame that any of us feel stifled, particularly in this profession. We can fly the freedom of expression flag all we want, but many get burned. I'm enough of a wimp that I've held my tongue more than a few times. 2) See above sentence about creating an identity.

My hope is that this creates a bit more accountability and cuts down on pointless vitriol without quashing our exchanges here.

Sorry, but I disagree. Anonymity led to some open (though sometimes uncivil discussion). I think it's wrong that a particular group of "buddies" (they did seem to kind of hang out together!) pouted and sulked like little boys until the Anonymous Patron function was removed. But that's just my opinion.

Ditto. And I notice that the most transparent Mr. AP is now posting under his own name again: The need to post outweighed the need for anonymity.

I admit to having posted anonymously, very infrequently, and am actually delighted that the temptation has been removed.

"We have lots of great conservatives on LISNews who aren't afraid to post, and presumably they've had no ill effects."

With a site like mine I get to see a lot of eyes rolled.

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