the evil empire

I am currently downloading a free trial of Intellisync software for my Pocket PC. I refuse to try to fight with Microsoft to transfer my license from my old PC to my new PC, and then have to pay $100 for the craptacular program known as Outlook anyway.

I am wondering though if I can use Outlook and Activesync on my home PC and Intellisync and the Outlook substitute I am downloading on my work PC. I am downloading them at home on slow as crud dial up and burning them to CD to see how the CD reader works. I am going to also try burning WinZip and OOo on to disk so I don't have to download them on every PC I set up.

Today I have lots of desk time scheduled, which irks me. I really need some time to set up these PCs. Honestly, it would only take a few days if I had undivided time to do it. Alas, I guess that's the peril of being systems and librarian all in one title. Somedays I prefer the systems bit, but I do always enjoy the librarian bit. But when there's so much to be done that sort of needs to be done, it's a little tough to sit on the desk.

Friday was declared a state holiday in honor of that Reagan guy (only kidding, Reagan is the first president I really remember...). The whole national day of mourning thing is kind of funny. Not saying that we shouldn't remember the guy or his family. Alzheimer's is a terrible way to go. He did certainly have an effect on the country as it is today (no matter how you feel about it). But I get this mental image of us all as Sims standing around crying. It's rather comical.

So what does it mean that the governor declared a state holiday? For me, absolutely nothing. I have to wait for the mayor to think it's appropriate to declare it a holiday. I don't know how likely that is.

But I'm hoping for a day off to weep. Um, or weed the garden and feed the snakes.

Of course, I could also use the extra day at work to get PCs for Everyone (yay!) out.