Yet another day without technology

Submitted by shoe on Mon, 05/24/2004 - 21:26

I am sick today. No migraine this time, no. I have a chronic something or other going on that I'd rather not go into, and sometimes the medicine doesn't do squat. Today it's doing less than squat.
I am trying to do as much as I can from home, but it seems as though the vendor that sells us the TA software (we don't get it directly through the company, although I wish we could) doesn't want to send me the quote in writing, he wants to talk to me on the phone. And when I feel like this, everyone gets the silent treatment. Even my poor husband. So I'm not calling this guy.
Depending on how fast we can get the wheels in motion, there may not be internet till tomorrow night at the earliest. I was hoping for tomorrow morning. Unless I can work some magic with the software guys themselves.