oh, stool

Submitted by shoe on Fri, 05/21/2004 - 01:10

That's what my husband always says when something is crappy. "Oh, stool."
Well, today turned into a stool-ish sort of day. It should have gone smoothly.
Newb System Librarian Mistake Number One: Hey, let's download some critical Windows Updates to Server 2003. Great idea, we'll run smoother and be more secure.
So secure in fact, that not a damn thing works.My server can ping my clients, my clients can ping the server and each other. But my software for printing and TA is fooked.
I am going to try reinstalling it. It's all I can think of, since they seem to be communicating (yes, the service is started on the server...) The .ini files seem to be missing, however. So perhaps a reinstall on the clients will set us right. I figure I can try it on one, and it certainly can't mess anything up any more.
Newb System Librarian Mistake Number Two: I have one product from this manufacturer that I could configure in my sleep. This should be cake. Hell, it even says "easy!" on the package. Easy, maybe, if you've studied comp sci for years. Or if you RTFMed. Which I didn't. So I tried today, and I don't know whether I'm flustered or if I've lost all grasp of the English language, but it's still not installing. It's certainly not letting me import the files I need.
Newb System Librarian Mistake Number Three: Just because it works flawlessly on one Win2k box, doesn't mean it will on another. I installed an old printer needed in cataloging, eventually. I don't know what the problem was. I thought it was a loose connection, but nothing seemed loose. So finally I did the tried and true method of taking it all apart and putting it all back together. And it was fine. It worked without a hitch on my computer.
Today was peppered with meetings. They were okay. I thought a few were going to be hair raising. But I didn't get lunch. And boy, do I love lunch.