somebody please shoot me now

It was a bad day. Bad day. First, the doors open at nine and in walks Edna. Names have been changed to protect the not so innocent.

Then, try as I might, one of the OS X Macs can see the print server, one can't. Neither can print. Software company has been apprised of the problem. Will be fixed in the next update. They'll let us know when that's out. Sigh.

I swear, reference was dead and I was moving people along nicely till three, when I was off desk. Then they all descended on the computers.

After hearing everyone voice their concerns, some of which I think are extremely valid and some are moot, I was about ready to throw myself on my sword.

Then the printer exploded.

You think I'm kidding. The damn thing exploded. It made a noise like this: BUNK! loud enough to make everyone in reference turn and look. The top popped off it. When I opened it, springs came out.

I'm hoping it's just the paper tray. I hear Edna was forcing the tray into it the wrong way. I fear it's something more.

Then more complaints about the internet terminals. I'm sorry, but the answer isn't more signs. I've given up on signs. They're useful when people question policy, but as far as people actually following them...

For the love of jessup, it was a bad day.