I got called a bitch! How cool is that!

I have that shirt from Librariangear that says "Info*bitch" on it. Today I was technically reference bitch. I wouldn't let a girl on the computer without a card. Then I wouldn't let her look over her friend's shoulder. And of course none of her friends would loan their cards because they didn't want to miss out on their second half hour. Therefore, I was a bitch. It was fun being a bitch.

I put in my order for the PCs with the big guys. They're nice boxes. I hope I can get them. I hope I didn't just get myself in a situation where I purchased a bunch of big ticket items that stink. Like elephants. Big ticket items that have an odor.

I went back and forth between an 80 gig EIDE hard drive with 2 MB cache and an 80 gig SATA drive with 8 MB cache. I finally took the EIDE. It was cheaper. I figured with the gig of blazing fast ram I put in there, I wouldn't know the difference. And anything's got to smoke my current IBM P3 with 340 MB RAM.

Doling out sweet internet justice is hard work. The kids all came to reference to gather round as soon as they saw I went off the desk. Stinkers.

I went to young adult (who are arguably as much fun as the little cherubs) where the kids made no bones about looking at pictures of the Simpsons doing inappropriate things.


Girl, you are officially In the Club!

From one access-denyin' beatch to another,

It's bitchin'!!!

(Is it okay if I say that?)