Where is ecritters? Daughter heartbroken

My daughter has been a dedicated participant on the RP website ecritters.biz. Today, it looks like the site is closed for good. I've tried to find news about why the site went down or if there's an alternative. She's really bummed out and I want to find an answer for her. Any ideas?


I'm finding that the site responds, though since I haven't registered, all but the home and registration pages present me with an "Invalid login status for this page!" message. Perhaps I missed something, but I didn't notice anything that suggested the site was closed. Perhaps you have to try to log in to see that?

Thanks...it was down all day yesterday, and I even got "buy your domain here" page late last night. But Olivia informs me that it's up today. I tried to tell her that it was down for maintenance or something, but she was really upset. All is well in critterland today, though.