Things that make you go hmmmm

Oddly enough, I can't get on LISNews on my Linux boot on the ubercomputer, too. Which means there's something messed up on a very basic level, or... it's the phone line between the Compaq and the ubercomputer. We have it cobbled together, because we only have one jack... three rooms away. Then we have a splitter, and a phone line going to the external and the internal modem on the ubercomputer (the external for Linux, the internal for Windows.)

I'm sort of at a loss, but it looks like the problem is between here and there. I've done a virus scan. I've done everything I could think of. I really didn't think it would effect the Linux side of things. It concerns me some.

Not that anyone really cares, but my two cents on LISNews and conservatism. I am, by library standards, conservative. I am, by the standards in which I grew up in Northern NH, a flaming liberal. It's all relative, I guess.

I have no problem hearing more liberal points of view, as long as they aren't accusatory or abusive. I have no problems hearing more conservative points of view, as long as they aren't accusatory or abusive. I like the fact that I can go one place (LISNews) and hear both liberal and conservative views. It saves time for me. It's amusing. Damn, Blake, I love LISNews! Seriously. Perhaps because I'm a middle of the roader myself.

Honestly, if it went all one way or the other, it would suck. I have enough "how to think" shoved down my throat from other places, library related and otherwise.

The point, and I'm being presumptuous, is to have an exchange of viewpoints. And that's cool.

As the kids say that gather around internet terminal eight: Keep on keepin' on, Blake. You're kicking some serious ass.


I'm sure there is a simple solution to your problem. Can you explain your "networking" setup again - you have multiple phone lines to the same phone jack, right? No network/router/proxy server/ICS, right? And does one computer work to get you to LISNews, just the others don't?

Actually, the computers aren't networked to each other... They are two feet away from each other and neither knows the other exists. Would love to network them, but my husband's cheap.

We are on dial up (cheap!). It is the same phone line as our telephone (cheap cheap! We have a real archaic and convoluted setup here). We have a long phone cord leading from the kitchen to the office. It plugs into a splitter. One plug goes into the Compaq. The other travels a bit further to the ubercomputer. At the ubercomputer, it splits to the external modem or the winmodem.

The Compaq can go anywhere. The ubercomputer is having troubles with sites that seem to be forum-related... but not all sites. I can get Slashdot, but not LISNews.

I'm inclined to believe it's somewhere lying in our convoluted set up. The other thing I'd like to try is accessing LISNews through the IP address. Blake, could you possibly supply that? That might help in troubleshooting some.

Both computers using the same ISP, dialing in to the same server. As of Friday morning, everything was working wonderfully on the ubercomputer, much as it had for the months previous.

Very weird.

Ok, in that case I'm sure not the setup. Its a software problem.

We'll try these two suggestions:

#1 Do you have any firewall software on the ubercomputer? You may have something enabled that is blocking the forums. XP sometimes enables the firewall thingy, which causes strange things to happen ... IP is btw...

#2 I was thinking it might be a corrupt internet cache, but you said Opera doesn't work either? If opera works, you could try deleting your cache using a program like Complete Internet Cleanup. I'm assuming you deleted everything (cache, cookies, history) manually from IE...

I'll try the IP address now... I've got Norton Internet Security on the Ubercomputer, which I've tried disabling... To no avail. I do have a firewall in Linux, but no changes have been made to it since Friday...

I'll see if I can ping via IP address. Or better yet, connect.

Okay, I can ping in a terminal window and reach LISHost by using the IP address in my browser, even with my firewall up. However, trying to go from any link on the server from there gives me a network error, even with my firewall down.

My first instinct was to clear the cache, but alas, nada.

What's got me befuddled is that it's not working in Linux, either. Did a virus scan, as well (can't be too sure).

I think I saw a problem like this on Linuxquestions. Time to do some searching.

This sounds like a DNS server problem - type ipconfig /all and check you have a working dns server.