software review (no, not an ILS)

Submitted by shoe on Wed, 05/12/2004 - 14:33

Yes, the people at Maxis and EA Games are keeping us at bay by releasing the custom content creator for their upcoming release, The Sims 2. Okay, can you tell I used to work in PR?
It's called Body Shop, and is a whopping 105 MB download. If you want any actual choices with it, you need the starter pack, which is another 110 MB. Honestly, it's still fun to play with Body Shop all on its own, but I'm getting the starter pack burned to disk on T1 line today.
All I can say is wow. You could make your Sim look like anybody. Unlike the really stupid face creator thing that you could download from Maxis for Sims 1, this is actually easy to use, and the faces look real. You make eyes wider apart, closer together, big noses, fat sims, large ears, Angelina Jolie lips... The possibilities, so far as I can tell, are endless. Granted, at the end of the scales you can end up with something cartoonish, but some people like that.
Yes, you can make Sims that look like they have some kind of ethnic background and history... And the graphics are gorgeous. Well, compared to what I'm used to.
My husband immediately found a new market for Body Shop as we looked at the uploaded Sims at The Sims 2 site last night. It would be a handy avatar maker.
Because your Sims age now (and die... all on their own... you don't have to kill them, but you can) you can even toggle through and create different ages in the Body Shop. My one complaint is toddlers all look alike (well, at least they all have freakishly large heads and bad haircuts, sort of like in real life. Heh.)
I am actually sort of glad I don't have the starter pack this morning, because I'd want to stay home and play with it. Even with the standard one skin tone, two sexes, and various eye colors, I could entertain myself all day.
Thus concludes the LISNews frivolous software review. Damn, I can not wait for this game to be released.