shoe is having a hard time

I really am. Due to some health concerns, I've been having some real difficulties with work. It will pass, as this is historically a bad time of year with allergies and all, but sheesh. It's depressing.

I ended up taking my personal day yesterday because I didn't want anyone to really know I was sick again. Besides, my husband was also sick. So we were miserable together. Misery loves company.

I do hope those damned lilies are gone. That should make work a bit more tolerable.

So today is going to be my computer free day. I have decreed it. Usually, though, when I decree stuff like that is when Horizon breaks. I do have a couple of local history requests I have to work on. I will rather enjoy that... the peace and solitude of the old building, flipping through the paper card catalog (ah, the beauty of it all).

Thursdays are also staff development day. Sometimes we have meetings, sometimes we just do our thing. If it's a do our thing day, I might take my no-computer rule and lay it aside for that hour to finally stick memory in the circ computers.

It's always a trick getting people out of the building at one when we close for an hour for staff development. Every week someone asks, "Well, can't I just stay?" Um. No.

I am hoping that in the next year I can get some grants for new hardware. I am looking, I am looking. I would like to replace some of our catalog terminals, actually. The Linux story just put my heart into it. Of course, I could always install Linux on the iMacs. I've never done it, but it can be done.

Nothing irritates me like going over to the (cough) iPac terminals and seeing that someone has tried to open the hard drive on the Macs. You just know they were up to no good.

I wonder how difficult it would be to put more outlets in the wall in the reference area. We have many surge protectors daisy chained together there, I noticed as I crawled around on the floor on Tuesday. That concerns me... deeply.


If it's that bad, don't wait for the fire and then say, "Gee, those did look a little overloaded." Call the fire marshal and get a review. It would surely help you when you put in a work order to get it done.

don't concern me too much, unless it was close to water, and in a place where feet can easily disconnect them (or switch them off, as can sometimes happen).

It is when they connect to everything: eg: Laser printer, 4 pcs, heavy 17" 2amp monitors. As far as I know, there is only 15amps to your average north american circut plug. When it starts to get loaded up, the computers tend to get flakey real fast.