Planning a vacation

I think I need a vacation... I am going to put in for one today, methinks. I should be able to take some time in July (I will have been there six months.) I don't know why I've been feeling burnt. Probably has everything to do with coming off that killer cold and my head. That, and this is the first full time job I've held in two years (since school started) which makes things a little more hairy.

I am thinking the week of the fourth would be good to take off, but I don't know if I can get it. I like to minimize time taken and maximize days off. Hey, who wouldn't?

And now I've got to get my ass out of my civilian clothing and into my library uniform.

More Sims 2 silliness: I built the ubercomputer entirely to play this game.


You built an uber computer to play Sims? LOL.. I WISH I could do that. I have only recently gotten over my Sims addiction but I'm starting to get the cravings again. Somehow I want to be able to start killing Sims in weird ways again. I never really did play with the makin magic like I should have... *sigh* I'm going to have to go home and kill some sims now..

In Superstar, I tried building a room with no doors around my stalker so the little stinker would starve to death and stop following me around, but alas, through a glitch in the game, he managed to always teleport himself out...

Once I had a Sim just randomly have a seizure and die while doing the dishes. It looked like he electrocuted himself. Perhaps he dropped the toaster in there too?

The depressed clown will teleport as well. Before I learned about the clown catcher service, I had 2 poor bastards that lived with the clown torturing them for weeks. I tried walling him in the bathroom, taking away the doors to the house, and he always came back.

Once I had a new Sim live for 5 minutes. Seriously. She walked into her new, shiny house rubbed the magic lamp and the genie set the floor on fire.