don't walk by the information desk!

Never walk by the information desk, unless you're actually assigned to work information, because you will get stuck there. It happened to me yesterday. I was trying to get some systems stuff done, and one of the circ staff saw me going into the desk to get the keys, and suddenly she was sending people over and the line was out the door. I appreciate that the info librarian was busy, and I appreciate that you need to get people service relatively quickly. But man, it's hard to get your other stuff done.

I had Mr. Anti-Mac come in yesterday, and for some reason, he signed up to use the Mac. I was checking the wall outlets, and he said, "Yup, it's a wall outlet." Damn, that man has a comment for everything.

I couldn't get the patron whose situation I snafu'ed on the phone, so I wrote a letter to be done with it. I figured the faster this is resolved the better.

A patron pointed out a problem with the (cough) iPac. I'll email the iPac person when I get in this morning.

I was a little curious as to what I'd find in the old building, as I was crawling around on the floor and looking at wires. I was expecting at least a few dessicated little mousie corpses. Nothing too odd, though. Although it is amazing how people will see you crawling around on the floor with a clipboard and notebook and ask, "Do you work here?" Ah, I guess I could be with the phone company or something. Somehow it just seems closely akin to when I worked retail, and we had wear dorky vests, and people would come up and say, "Do you work here?" Our typical reaction when they left was, "No, I just like to wear this dorky vest."

Conclusion: Nice thing about library jobs: No dorky vests.


At the job I had before the one I currently have, someone got the bright idea to make the library pages wear dorky vests. As far as I can tell the purpose of this was to lure users into going and asking them questions they could not answer as opposed to walking several yards more to go talk to a librarian. Since they didn't have assigned vests and no one seemed to be specified to take the things home and wash them, it was pretty gruesome. Makes me glad to not be doing those kinds of jobs any more. :)

In my very busy academic library, the rule is, "Don't walk into the public areas". The students regularly recognize and approach me, right when I'm in the middle of something else. And I am, of course, glad to help them always (yes, I'm serious, I work hard at telling them to ask for help, I'm not about to blow them off when they work up the nerve to do so).

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