ordering reference books

What with the software and telecom chaos I've been involved in, the poor reference books have been neglected. I ordered a bunch from Congressional Quarterly that look pretty good. Some of them I'm downright excited about, actually, and wonder why they weren't on standing order to begin with.

I also got a nice call from a persistent vendor yesterday, asking how I was doing. I told her I had a cold, my stomach hurt, the kids were being loud, we were allegedly having telecom problems, and I was worried about not having gotten to walk the dogs before I left home that morning. No, but I wanted to tell her that. See if she's so quick to call me. She was actually quite polite for a saleslady and didn't push anything. I told her honestly that we were interested in a particular title, in both getting back orders and standing orders on it, but just couldn't do it right then. She said she'd wait.

I am debating whether to stay home. I am feeling rather peaked, but it comes and goes. Everyone tells me I could probably kick this cold if I stayed home one day. I also know I'll be riddled with guilt.

Maybe I'll go in through crunch time (the afternoon) and head home. We'll see how this decongestant works.

I got my diploma. Wow. It's the size of a flipping postage stamp. Approximately the same size as my bachelor's degree. It did come in a snappy leather case though. I am just jealous because my husband has these big pretty degrees, and I have these little degrees. Of course, the Simmons one is quite pretty.