Well, the Ides of March have come and gone. So many dates now signify a horrific event that happened in our world; September 11, December 7, November 9 and now March 11. I will never be "" for untold horrors yet to come. Preparedness for annihilation...what a concept.


Hi Birdie,While the events of the past few years don't inspire hope, the truth is that we've been living with the threat of total destruction since the days of the Civil Defense Agency which tried to comfort us with films like these:What You Should Know About Biological WarfareHow can we protect ourselves against the threats of germs and toxins? Cold War America gears up to fend off threats from unconventional bioweapons.Produced: 1952 Run time: 7:17 Audio/Visual:Survival Under Atomic Attack"Explains" the dangers of the atomic bomb, the effects of radiation and how to protect oneself if caught in the open or in the home.Produced: 1951 Run time: 8:45 Audio/Visual:On Guard! The Story of SAGEInnovations in computer technology as weapons in the Cold War.Produced: ca. 1956 Run time: 12:15 Audio/Visual:About Fallout (1963)Optimistic vision of fallout and civil defense countermeasures.Produced: 1963 Run time: 22:25 Audio/Visual: Sd/CManagement of Mass Casualties, Part X: Management of Psychological CasualtiesOne in a series of military training films that can only be described as post-apocalyptic.Produced: 1958 Run time: 23:13 Audio/Visual: Sd/CIn fact, I'd argue that in some ways, THE COUNTRY AS A WHOLE, is much safer from devasting attacks than we were in the 50s and 60s. Back then, and through the Cold War, the Soviet Union could END our national existence in a single day with thousands of bombs. While Russia still has the bombs, they don't seem to have the inclination to use them.Terror groups will NEVER be able to end our national existence in the same way. Even if you could conceive of a doomsday scenario where some group could somehow plant and detonate 10 nukes in our largest cities, America would continue with 100s of millions of people.I do have to concede that if you live in NY, DC or one of those top ten cities, you probably do have more to worry about. Still, it's important to know that civilization would continue. A reassurance we lacked in the Cold War. If we sink into barabarism, it'll be our own doing, not the terrorists.