Linux in the library

As sort of an extra cirricular activity, I put Linux on a box that Windows wouldn't install on (for whatever reason). It was the minimum that could run SuSE 9 with X Windows.

Despite zorching Windows off the hard drive, it still couldn't quite handle the whole SuSE package... Well, not true, it could handle it, it just is painful to behold. Slow as molasses and disk space is nearly nil. Perhaps I'll try something other than KDE to get around in on it. KDE runs slow on my P4 512 MB system.

The idea of using the library box for parts is becoming more appealing. It's got a zip drive and CDROM, and memory is always good. If anything will take it.

I helped some really rambunctious young people find some information on Harriet Ann Jacobs for Black History Month. I actually "shushed" them -- another one for the baby book, my first "shush". I was mortified.

I noticed that after I was off reference, they left out some books on Harriet Tubman, as well. They were just hitting all the Harriets I guess.

I am pleased to note that Melrose Public Library that interviewed but didn't hire me (that's okay, really, because I like where I am... It's just fun to hold a grudge) has had their accreditation retained. Their budget wasn't enough to keep accreditation, so they applied for a waiver that the MBLC granted. I'm glad. It's a nice library, really. If you're feeling charitable, buy them a book on their Amazon Wishlist.

Things are tough all over.

I am learning to like ordering books. I still feel guilty spending money. It's the cheapo in me. I found a series from Gale -- biographies of scientists -- which would be wonderful based on the assignments our kids get, but it's $2000. Seeing as we just spent about that on another series, I'd feel remiss in asking for it right away.

So it's the Concise Dictionary of Biography section for me...


is a tough one. I don't remember mine specifically, but I do remember the horror. I swore I would never do it again, but damn if I don't do it several times a week. We have a group of middle-aged to older gentlemen who hang out in the reading area behind the ref desk, mistaking the library for a coffeeshop or barbershop. They always smile and apologize, like they didn't know they were making a ruckus, but I can hear them muttering and laughing after I walk away. It's a game. I've tried to soften my hard-ass, meanie librarian enforcement, by saying something like, "Hey, I'm glad you're enjoying the library, but could you please enjoy it a little more quietly" or "I'm not sure if you intended to broadcast the story about the babe you boned last night." (just kidding about the last one, but don't think I haven't been tempted.)

I don't see what the problem with shushing's a fine, time honoured tradition! *g* Maybe I don't have a problem with it so much since I work in an elementary school and saying "shhh" to quiet down the kids seems natural. I've seen teachers use it in the classroom too...

It's easier than asking them to be quiet every 5 minutes!


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