Another one for the baby book, ma

Monday I get to take down my first Windows 2003 server. Looks fairly straightforward. I guess there's some function that asks why you're shutting down. I suppose I should put down something useful in that field, rather than, 'Because I want to!'

So why am I shutting down? Well, I can ping (god, I love networking terms) the Apples, but that's about it. I want to see if I can enable AppleTalk. And I have to get the permanent license up on our print server. For some reason that requires restarting the program. Since I have to take the whole thing down anyway, well, then, I guess I'll just take the whole thing down anyway.

Today I went to fix some stuff at the branch library. I wish all computer problems were as simple as these... reinstall IE, and whamo! We're up and running again. I found a bit of adware on the computers, but I think she actually uses it. So I didn't remove it.

I was there till six, and then I excused myself. My husband was nuts, thinking I was kidnapped or something on my way home.

At the public access terminals: Terminal 7 is, right now, just a monitor. No keyboard. No mouse. And most importantly, no box. I like to count how many people come in and say, "Is seven down?" Um. Do the math. Also at the public access terminals: Today a guy came in to use the computers, and actually erased somebody else's name that was on the sign up sheet, before the actual reservation time. Hello. Even better, he actually erased it and put in his real name.

So when the guy who legitimately made his appointment came up and said, "Insertnamehere erased my name", Mr. Insertnamehere turned around and looked to see who was talking about him. Smooth operator, Mr. Insertnamehere.

I ordered an eval version of software and realized I shouldn't have today. I don't think they charge for it... But I guess it's not our policy. But eval software isn't functional like, say, an eval reference book is.

I think I'm okay. I confessed, anyway.

Today I went into the children's room, and the children's librarian clapped when she saw me. It was like having my own show. I am going up there and making an entrance more often.