My geek tool belt

I got my husband a geek tool for Christmas, and it's somehow found it's way into my messenger bag. It's a Swiss Army Knife with screwdriver bits... Torx, and other heads... The little square head and stuff. I don't know what they're all called. The custodian saw me taking apart the mac with it and was quite jealous.

The Mac. Yes. My ever hopeful reinstall failed. No hard drive mounted. So I decided to take the hard drive out of another dead mac and put it in the previous mac. Right. Someone at Apple stuck the screws in the hard drive so tight the God of your choice him/herself couldn't get it out. So that baby goes to the shop.

Good news: I found a working Mac. I took the memory out of the hard drive impaired Mac and decided I'd beef up this one. Right. First, I dropped every screw I touched in the case. I had to open the case to get the silly things out. Then, surprise of surprises, one screw in the motherboard assembly (which I had to dismantle) was stripped. The kind custodian managed to get it open for me, so I could get the damn screws I dropped out.

After taking the mobo out, I realized the futility of my efforts... Older, tray loading Macs, may take the same type of memory, but not the same memory stick. Right.

I put the mac back together (with much swearing--most of it under my breath) and it still works, although you need an engineering degree to get the silly cabling to sit flush with the snap on cheesy plastic tray.

I guess the good news is that I learned how to open a Mac, and get around it. The bad news: three hours of my work day gone with really nothing to show for it.

Today: reference and local history. I am going to try to do a repair of the operating system and reinstall drivers on the Dell that got the virus (it was popping up porn in the children's room. Heh). Hopefully that will fix the fact that something about the NIC isn't recognizing the network.


Don't forget to leave it at home when you fly...