Equal Access

I've been getting some pressure from some patrons to put Chinese language word processors on the internet terminals. We most indubitably need Chinese word processors, but not on the internet terminals. If there is no word processing on the internet terminals, there is no word processing on the internet terminals, regardless of language.

The problem being, I'm nearly 100% sure that our word processor terminals, which are sad little boxes running Win95, can't handle our Chinese word processing software (used on staff computers).

So I have to upgrade one of them. I know I could do it if I could get one of the Dells fixed (It's not recognizing the LAN, and they're salivating for it in the children's room). I could then take the Win2k IBM from the children's room and put it on the public access area.

The assistant director said, "Time is now your enemy." Boy was he ever right.

I am reading about installing and reconfiguring Foolproof, our Mac security software. If my reinstall of OS 9 works on the iMac, I'll be having to do that. I am not horribly hopeful that my reinstall will work, but you never know.