Librarians and Gender and More


Gender Week at SUNY Buffalo concluded with ALA President Loriene Roy speaking about librarianship, (yup, including that old stereotype) and what's ahead for librarians. Roy is director of the Center for Women's and Gender Studies at University of Texas at Austin.

Did you know...According to Roy, men constituted a majority of librarians in the mid-19th century. This changed when Melvil Dewey began teaching female undergraduates at Columbia University in the 1880s. Less than 20 years later, a majority of librarians were women.


"Majority" doesn't even being to describe it. There were virtually no women in libraryland until the latter part of the 19thC. Melvil's recruitment of women to that very first library school was an economic decision on his part. Libraries needed inexpensive but intelligent workers and educated women were a source of cheap labor. The rise of undergraduate education for women in the latter part of the 19th century had provided a pool of educated women with very few career opportunities. Melvil tapped into that pool, and feminized the profession.

It eventually got him into trouble with the trustees at Columbia- which was an all male preserve at the time. He, the school, and the women had to decamp to Albany and the state library after a few years. It's a little more complicated than that- with Melvil it always is- but the women on campus issue was a big part of the story.


OK, I give up what the hell is Gender Week? I read the Gender Institute's web pages and I see that they have a poetry, a bake off, someone angry at something, Muscle/Jaw Mechanics And Gender - apparently we chew differntly, someone else angry at something, A three part presentation on the biosafety of the materials used in implants, the psychology of the motivation for their use, and the making of a documentary which tells the experiences of women who have had them. Attend all or part! (They love exclamation points as much as librarians)[N.B. silicone implants are safe - the breast implant fiasco was begun by greedy trial lawyers. Silicone testicular implants have been used for decades without such a 'crisis'.]

They also have Spanish Women Writers (an open class) with playlets. That sounds interesting even though I have no idea what a playlet is. Perhaps it is like an aglet.

The Japanese Textbook Controversy over the Military 'Comfort Women': History, Epistemologies, and Peace & Justice Education - that sounds very interesting. I'd like to see textbooks that tell the truth and not some interpreted version of the truth. Let the students see all sides of an issue and make up their own minds.

Acclimation Post Breast Cancer Diagnosis from the school of Nursing might be good to see too (well, I am an RN after all).

I am still confused why this is called gender week. I only see one gender represented - there are still two are there not?

Oh, sorry now I understand this is some nonsense 'Institute' that will develop a course of study that will lead to an exciting career in the fast food industry, or academia. I'd rather work at McDonalds.

Tom Wolfe was right, you can't go home again. Gender Institute in ca change, plus c'est la meme chose.

Why don't you just crawl into a little 1950's hole and stay there? It's hard to believe that someone who purports to be both a librarian and a nurse is so out of touch with reality. You need a good kick from someone, of either gender, very hard where it will make an impact!

A "playlet" is a short play. A "play" is like make-believe except different.

I am still confused why this is called gender week. I only see one gender represented - there are still two are there not?

HA! The pretending not to know something when you actually know it. Genius. I wonder if there is any joke old and shopworn as that one?

Oh, sorry now I understand this is some nonsense 'Institute' that will develop a course of study that will lead to an exciting career in the fast food industry, or academia. I'd rather work at McDonalds.


Is your degree in Gender Studies? For what does a degree in Gender actually prepare one?

I have to like everything or you want to hurt me. Perhaps you should seek some type of therapy.

Same thing nearly every other bachelor's degree prepares one for: everything and nothing.

Really? A BSN prepares people quite well to save lives. A B.Acc prepares one to be a CPA... hmmm I guess I should have gone for gender studies so I could be prepared for nothing.

The university I attended had 70 fields with B.A. degrees. You named 2. That leaves 68 that do not. When I said "nearly all" less than 5% is kind of what I meant.

Sorry. Was I supposed to name them all? Since I did not go to the same school to which you went I have to use my first undergraduate school USF.
The criteria I used is completely subjective, do I think an undergraduate degree in these fields prepares you for a job outside of academia for which there are more than five openings in the world.

* Africana Studies (AFA) (B.A.) NOPE

* American Studies (AMS) (B.A.)NOPE

* Anthropology (ANT) (B.A.)NOPE

* Biology (BIO) (B.S.)YES

o Biomedical Sciences (BMS) (B.S.) Most definately look at the medical lab openings.

o Marine (MRN) (B.S.) YES

* Biomedical Sciences (BMS) (B.S.) YES see BMS

* Chemistry (CHM) (B.A.) YES

o Biochemistry/Biotechnology (CBY) (B.A.)YES

o Health Professions (CHH) (B.A.) Not really -pre med
* Chemistry (CHS) (B.S.)YES

* Classics - Latin/Greek (CLS) (B.A.)NOPE

* Communication (SPE) (B.A.)NOPE

o Interpersonal & Organizational (SIO) (B.A.)NOPE

o Performance (SPM) (B.A.)NOPE

o Public & Cultural (SPL) (B.A.) NOPE

* Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSD) (B.A.)NOPE

o Deaf Studies (DST) (B.A.)Perhaps if you learn to sign well.

o Interpreter Training (ITT) (B.A.) YES
o Speech/Language/Hearing (LSH) (B.A.) YES
* Criminology (CCJ) (B.A.)NOPE

* Economics (ECO) (B.A.)Well Alan Greenspan retired.

* English (ENG) (B.A.)NOPE

o Literature (LIT) (B.A.)NOPE

o Creative Writing (CRW) (B.A.)NOPE

o Professional-Technical Writing (CWT) (B.A.) Perhaps
* Environmental Science and Policy (ESP) (B.S.)NOPE

* French (FRE) (B.A.)NOPE

o International Studies and Business (ISB) (B.A.) NOPE

* Geography (GPY) (B.A.)NOPE

* Geology (GLY) (B.A.)NOPE

* Geology (GLS) (B.S.)Perhaps

* German (GER) (B.A.)NOPE

* Gerontology (GEY) (B.A.)NOPE

* Gerontology (GES) (B.S.)NOPE

* History (HTY) (B.A.)NOPE

* Humanities (HUM) (B.A.)
* Interdisciplinary Classical Civilizations (ICC) (B.A.)NOPE

* Interdisciplinary Natural Sciences (INS) (B.S.)NOPE

* Interdisciplinary Social Sciences (ISS) (B.A.)
o Urban Studies (ISU) (B.A.) NOPE

* International Studies (INT) (B.A.)NOPE

* Italian (ITA) (B.A.)NOPE

* Liberal Studies (ALA) (B.A.)NOPE

* Mass Communications (COM) (B.A.)NO, but since it requires little more than a pulse it was popular when I started undergrad school.

o Advertising (ADV) (B.A.)NOPE - unless you have big boobs or nice teeth.

o Broadcast News (NWS) (B.A.)See advertising

o Broadcast - Program & Production (PGM) (B.A.)NOPE

o Journalism - Magazine (MAG) (B.A.)NOPE

o Journalism - News Editorial (JOU) (B.A.)NOPE

o Public Relations (PUR) (B.A.) NOPE, see also advertising.

* Mathematics (MTH) (B.A.)NOPE

* Medical Technology (MET) (B.S.)YES

* Microbiology (MIC) (B.S.)YES

* Philosophy (PHI) (B.A.)NOPE

* Physics (PHY) (B.A.)YES

* Physics (PHS) (B.S.)YES (moreso than the BA

* Political Science (POL) (B.A.)NOPE

* Psychology (PSY) (B.A.)NOPE

o Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) (B.A.) YES

* Religious Studies (REL) (B.A.)NOPE

* Russian (RUS) (B.A.)NOPE

* Social Work (SOK) (B.S.W.)NOPE

* Sociology (SOC) (B.A.)NOPE

* Spanish (SPA) (B.A.)NOPE

o International Studies and Business (ISB) (B.A.) NOPE

* Women's Studies (WST) (B.A.) NOPE

College of Business Administration (B.A./B.S. option):

* Accounting (ACC)Oh, YES

* Business Economics (ECN)YES

* Finance (FIN)YES

* General Business Administration (GBA)YES

o Accounting (GAA)YES

o Economics (GEC)YES

o Finance (GFI)YES

o Marketing (GMK)YES

o Management (GMN)YES

o Management Information Systems (GIS)YES

o International Business (GIN) YES

* International Business (ITB) (B.A.)YES

* Management Information Systems (ISM)YES my first undergrad

* Management (MAN)YES

* Marketing (MKT) YES

College of Education (B.A./B.S. option):

* Athletic Training (BAT) (B.S.)YES

* Early Childhood Education (BEC)YES

* Elementary Education (BEE)YES

* English Education (BEN)YES

* Foreign Language Education (FLE)YES

o French (BFF) (B.A.)YES

o German (BFG) (B.A.)YES

o Italian (BFI) (B.A.)YES

o Russian (BFR) (B.A.)YES

o Spanish (BFS) (B.A.) YES

* Mathematics Education (BMA)YES

* Physical Education (PET)YES

o Exercise Science (BPW) YES

* Science Education (SCE)YES

o Biology (BSB)YES

o Chemistry (BSC)YES

o Physics (BSY) YES

* Social Science Education (BSS)
* Special Education YES

o Varying Exceptionalities (BEX) (B.S.) YES

College of Engineering:

* Chemical Engineering (ECH) (B.S.C.H.)YES

* Civil Engineering (ECE) (B.S.C.E.)YES

o Environmental (ENV) (B.S.C.E.) YES

* Computer Engineering (ECP) (B.S.C.P.)YES

* Computer Information Systems (EIF) (B.S.I.S.)YES

* Computer Science (BCS) (B.S.C.S.)YES

* Electrical Engineering (EEL) (B.S.E.E.)YES

* Engineering, General (EGU) (B.S.E.)YES

o Civil Engineering (PCE) (B.S.E.)YES

o Environmental Engineering (PEV) (B.S.E.)YES

o Chemical Engineering (PCM) (B.S.E.)YES

o Computer Science (PCS) (B.S.E.)YES

o Computer Engineering (PCP) (B.S.E.)YES

o Computer Information Systems (PIF) (B.S.E.)YES

o Electrical Engineering (PEE) (B.S.E.)YES

o Industrial Engineering (PIE) (B.S.E.)YES

o Mechanical Engineering (PME) (B.S.E.) YES

* Industrial Engineering (EIE) (B.S.I.E.)YES

* Mechanical Engineering (EME) (B.S.M.E.) YES

College of Nursing (B.S.):YES

* Nursing (NUR)YES

* Nursing (Registered Nurse) (NRN) YES

Undergraduate Studies

* Applied Science (APS) (B.S.A.S.)NOPE

o American Sign Language (ASG) (B.S.A.S.)Perhaps

o Behavioral Healthcare (ABH) (B.S.A.S.)NOPE

o Business Administration (ABU) (B.S.A.S.)NOPE

o Criminal Justice (ACJ) (B.S.A.S.)NOPE

o Early Childhood Development (AEC) (B.S.A.S.)NOPE

o Environmental Policy (AEP) (B.S.A.S.)NOPE

o Gerontology (AGR) (B.S.A.S.)NOPE

o Hospitality Management (AHG) (B.S.A.S.)NOPE

o Industrial Operations (AIO) (B.S.A.S.)NOPE

o Information Technology (ATC) (B.S.A.S.)NOPE

o Public Administration (APU) (B.S.A.S.)NOPE

o Public Health (APL) (B.S.A.S.)NOPE

o Urban Studies (AUR) (B.S.A.S.) NOPE

* Hospitality Management (HMA) (B.S.)YES

* Information Technology (ITC) (B.S.I.T.) Perhaps

College of Visual and Performing Arts:

* Art (ART) (B.A.)NOPE

o Art History (AHI) (B.A.)NOPE

o Art Studio (ARS) (B.A.) NOPE

* Art (ARB) (B.F.A.)NOPE

o Art Studio (ARS) (B.F.A.)NOPE

o Graphic Design (AGD) (B.F.A.) NOPE

* Art History (AHM) (B.A.)NOPE

* Dance (DAN) (B.A./B.F.A.)NOPE

o Ballet (DAB) (B.F.A.)NOPE

o Modern (DAM) (B.F.A.)NOPE

o Dance Studies (DAS) (B.A.) NOPE

* Music (MUS) (B.M.)NOPE

o Composition (MUC) (B.M.)NOPE

o Jazz Composition (MJC) (B.M.)NOPE

o Jazz Performance (MJP) (B.M.)NOPE

o Music Education (MEU) (B.M.)NOPE

o Performance (MPF) (B.M.)NOPE

o Piano Pedagogy (MPP) (B.M.) NOPE

* Music Education (MUE) (B.S.)Perhaps

* Music Studies (MSU) (B.A.)NOPE

* Studio Art (SBF) (B.F.A.)NOPE

* Studio Art (SBA) (B.A.)NOPE

* Theatre (TAR/TFA) (B.A./B.F.A.)NOPE

o Arts (TAA) (B.A.)NOPE

o Design (TAD) (B.A./B.F.A.)NOPE

o Performance (TAP) (B.A.) NOPE

How's that?

Jeez. You are such a whiner.

With too much free time too.